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by Sumojo
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Man has argument with mechanic
“I’m back again.”

“Yes. Something else wrong with the car now?”

“Wrong? Can’t you see what I have in my arms?”

“Yes. It looks like a wheel.”

“Well, aren’t you the observant one?”

“No need for sarcasm, sir.”

“Sarcasm? It’s a miracle I’m even alive after what’s happened!”

“I suggest you calm down, sir.”

“Calm down? Call yourself a mechanic? I was nearly killed today!”

“I’m so sorry to hear that,”

“You would have been sorry alright. I’m going to sue you for shoddy workmanship.”

“Sue me? Whatever for?”

“This wheel! It dropped off my car!”

“And how is that my fault, sir?”

“Because you were supposed to fix my brakes. This. Wheel. Dropped Off!”

“You must have pulled it off. Whatever were you doing?”

“Are you crazy, man? You have forgotten to replace the wheel nuts.”

“It’s a simple mistake. Perhaps you should have checked them before you took the car.”

“Are you actually going to stand there and say it’s my fault for not checking that you fastened the wheels back on my car?”

“Well, as it turns out it would have saved you a lot of stress, sir.”

“Stress! I’ll give you stress!”

“You’re going very red in the face, sir. Can I get you anything? A glass of water perhaps? Let me take that heavy wheel from you before you drop it… The ambulance is on it’s way, sir.”

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