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The Mystic Rose, Encounters with the Lemurians for Writer's Cramp
38 lines

While walking in the woods
near Mt. Shasta
Sam Adams came upon
A strange sight

Several strange-looking people
Dressed in silver robes
Were praying to a mystic rose.

A giant purple rose
That seems
to be an alien creature.

The mystic rose noticed him
And told him to come over

The rose spoke
and interrogated him
Finally telling him.

Move on
There is nothing here
For you humans
to be concerned about.

Sam Adams
Knew he had encountered
The mysterious Lemurians.

Rumored to be space aliens
Who operated on secret bases
Under Mt. Shasta.
Descendants of ancient Atlantis
And Lemur

They operate with the knowledge
Of the U.S. Government.
Whom they controlled
Behind the scenes.

That night
Mysterious men
In black suits
Visited him.

In the morning he woke up
And could not remember
His close encounter
With the Lemurians.

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