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A poem I wrote for my brother before he passed
I heard on the news they found a man shot dead in the gutter,
I got scared trying to find out who and where
So stressed I'm pulling out my hair
Praying to God that the body in the gutter wasnt my twin brother
Everytime I hear about a death found, I cant but to think it's you on the ground.
Man, what happened to us? We used to be a tag team.
You were by my side protecting me when i was to weak to run and to blind to see.
You were my shadow who was always guiding me
Helping me fight the evil within me
You helped guide me to the right path and anyone who crossed me felt your wrath.
But now you're a broken soul who's stuck in the past.
I get it man, sometimes our childhood was trash but theres no reason to steal just to get some cash.
I've given you all I can brother but I can only put up with so much fighting and crying.
I remember the nights you used to call me depressed and crying.
I'd drop everything to make sure you were safe and okay. I never knew what to say when you pleaded and showed pain.
But the drugs have taken over and I cant even recognize you anymore.
You're going to lose every thing you've ever had.
Even your baby girl called me saying she wants you to go to rehab
You were always my shadow guiding me helping me fight the evil within me
I now want to help guide you to the right path even though I'm the one seeing your wrath
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