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Rated: 18+ · Short Story · Animal · #2272553
Heath gets the chance of a lifetime.
Being Mer

Heath Fisher sat peering into the salty water.

“I wish I could live in the ocean, free as a dolphin and without a care!”

He had barely finished this thought, when a hand emerged from the water and grabbed him by the ankle. Before he could shout for help, he was in the drink and being pulled rapidly under.

He felt himself being dragged speedily through an amazing aquatic landscape full of colorful corals, fish and other amazing creatures. Heath wished he had his water-proof camera so he could record what he was seeing.

“But it would probably just be a blur because I moving so fast!”

A voice spoke in his mind.

“King Poseidon wants to see you! He has a proposition for you.”

He was about to open his mouth to ask questions, then remembered where he was.

“How am I still alive?” he thought.

The voice in his mind, explained the concept of temporary gills.

Heath’s eyes widened at what loomed up in front of him. A magnificent coral palace decorated with shells, jewels and fantastical sculptures, opened its drawbridge to him.

A royal guard of giant lobsters escorted him to the throne room. Seated in an open scallop shell sat a bearded man wearing an intricate coral crown studded with many colors of sea glass.

“Ah, welcome Heath!” the man boomed as he gestured to a smaller seat him.

“I shall get right to the point. I am in need of a break from my duties as King of the Sea. Since I heard your desire to live underwater, I thought you would be the perfect creature to be my temporary regent. What say you?”

Heath’s eyes lit up and he rapidly nodded yes. Thus began the most incredible interval in his entire life.
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