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by Emma
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This brief essay covers the importance of organization and how to organize.
Organization has always been a big part of my life somehow. When I am upset or stressed about something, I go into my room to reorganize my closet. At school, I have always loved to set my pencils and writing utensils in a specific order, just for the fun of it. But sometimes people come up to me and ask me, why do you love to organize your things so much? What's the point of organization? Well, organization has a lot of importances. Let's take a look at a few of them.

For one thing, organization is important because it can help you be less forgetful. If you have a certain place that you know everything is, you are more likely to remember it. This can also help with meeting deadlines for important things like in school. For instance, if you had a huge science project due, it would be important to put everything in the project in a specific place so that you wouldn't lose it or forget about it.

I have found through research that organization, like I said earlier, can help lower your stress levels. In the article, "Why Is Organization Important? (9 Reasons To Help You)," it said that most causes of stress are from being overwhelmed, and organization can help people feel more in control and have more structure in their life.

If you're wanting to organize your house, here are some good how-to steps to use:

1. Try to get rid of anything that you don't really need or use. You may also know this as hoarding, which can have serious effects on the daily basis of your life if it gets too bad.

2. Have a plan before you start organizing about where you want to put things.

3. Try to put similar things with each other - this can help you remember better where certain things tend to be.

To conclude, organization is extremely important. Make sure to remember this!

PROMPT: Research methods of organization, and write a story/poem/essay/article or any other form of writing you wish to produce on organization tips along with the 'how to'

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