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by green
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a silly poem for kids who can believe

Sitting in bed, I saw a strange thing,
a big white gorilla with a giant blue ring.
With fruit scented puffs, he was blowing my hair
all over my face and floating in air.

At the foot of my bed, I see a long neck,
a skinny giraffe in a red turtleneck,
Cleaning his teeth with a sparkly toothbrush.
I started to speak, he told me to hush.

Leaping out of bed, I stepped on a zebra.
Clutched in his hoof was a tiny cheese pizza.
He offered me some although it was small.
When I refused him with giggles, he started to bawl.

I opened my closet to see a green lion.
Wearing a grass skirt, he must be Hawaiian.
Combing his hair with a purple toothpick.
He cried with big tears, "I'm so homesick!"

Hanging to the ceiling with long skinny arms,
a black and pink sloth with red and white palms.
He's chewing my wallpaper, grinning at me.
With big slurpy smacks, he's humming with glee.

I think I am sleeping; these are all silly dreams.
My mind is fantasizing or so it would seem.
Am I awake now or am I still sleeping?
Or in the far corner is a yellow bear beeping?

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