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Sometimes Things Happen for Writer's Cramp
Sometimes Things Happen

Sometimes Things Happen Writing com

33 lines
Adult supervision

Jake Lee was talking to his buddy
Big Daddy the owner of the Cosmos Bar
In Bangkok, Thailand
The city of lost angels.

They were life-long friends
Whey they played pro-ball together
They both became secret agents.

Big Daddy “retired” to Bangkok
Jake Lee became a small town “florist”
But both were still in the game
Jake Lee was in town on a business project,
And Big Daddy needed to know
What he needed to know.

Jake told Big Daddy
His version of the truth.

They both knew
That sometimes things happened.
It was in the end simply, business,
nothing personal, sometimes people
Just needed to be killed.

Big Daddy smiled
He knew that was true
Simply nature.
Of the dark side of life.

Jake Lee finally concluded,

“Well you know there was really
no other way.

NEW PROMPT DUE 15 hours 5 minutes 17 seconds
END your story with this line, bolded -

There really was no other way.

Include a florist as one of the characters.

Choose Friendship as one of your genres.

33 lines
There really was no other way.”
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