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Rated: ASR · Short Story · Comedy · #2273275
Welcome to Tingle Town! Where you can relax! This is a fanfiction of ASMRtists
Author's Note: If anyone doesn't know what ASMR is, it stands for autonomous sensory meridian response. Here's a definition below:

a feeling of well-being combined with a tingling sensation in the scalp and down the back of the neck, as experienced by some people in response to a specific gentle stimulus, often a particular sound:

Hello. Welcome to Tingle Town. The place where you can relax. Here are some rules that every citizen must follow. First, you must whisper, or at least soft speak. If you have children who are loud, try to tell them to be quiet. If not, take them to a daycare where they will learn to be quiet. Each civilian will be required to wear headphones at all times and have a microphone. But once you go to bed or at home, you are allowed to take your headphones off. The second rule is, you must be kind to everyone. No bullying. Whether you like a person or not, you must show kindness. You don’t know what that person has been going through.

This place has been founded by Arnelius Samuel Mackery-Ron, who is also named A.S.M.R. He was a massage therapist and became a sleep doctor. He received a Bachelor’s degree in massage therapy.

Make yourself at home. Here you will find stores, malls, churches, and schools that will meet your every day needs. When you are watching television, all channels are limited to silent cartoons or anything with whispering. Our hotels provide the most relaxation with the softest mattresses, great food, and great customer services.

Again, don’t forget to whisper, but more importantly, don’t forget to smile.


Serenity played with her French braid as she entered the ASMR Academy. She has never been to a school this quiet. Her last school was too noisy and crowded. But, this school. It was quiet with plenty of space. The whole building was dim, yet peaceful. However, Serenity felt nothing, but anxiety. She went over to the admissions office and received her locker number.

“Hi, my name is Dove,” a girl her age softly introduced. “What’s your name?”

The girl’s whisper was unsettling. Serenity wasn’t sure if she could keep up with this ‘whisper’ rule.

“S-Serenity.” Her voice squeaked.

“Serenity.” The girl whispered her name slowly. “Such a pretty name. What’s your first class?”

After telling her the class, Dove showed her to the classroom. “Here you go.”

“Thank you.” Serenity went into the room. She expected to see kids throwing paper balls and shouting at each other, but instead, everyone was sitting down, whispering among another.

She slowly entered the room and sat in the front. Tingles ran down her back, but nervous ones.

“Good morning, everyone.” A young woman entered the room. She had blonde hair on one side and brown on the other. She wore black, thin glasses. She didn’t look too much older than her students.

“Welcome to ASMR 101. My name is Mrs. Gibi and I will be your teacher.”

Serenity calmed down. This lady looked nice enough.

“Would anyone like to introduce themselves? If not, you are not required to. Here at ASMR Academy, we want every student to feel as comfortable as possible.”

Serenity then realized that she was sitting under a soft cushion. She found a switch on the side of her desk. Out of curiosity, she switched it on, and the top of the desk grew longer. She gasped, puzzled.

“Oh, yeah,” Mrs. Gibi said. “There’s a switch on the side of your desk if you want it long or short. So, who wants to go first?”


“Nobody? Okay. Moving on.”

She passed out copies of the syllabus and went over it. She then went over the rules.

“No eating or drinking in class. Even though we want you to feel at home, we don’t want this place to be a mess. The only exceptions are water. You can only have food here for a project. Next, no sleeping unless it’s for a project. No talking while the teacher is talking. No cellphones, especially when the screen is too bright, and lastly, no yelling. Any questions? No? Alright. Class dismissed.”

Mrs. Gibi smiled brightly as everyone left the room.

It was already lunch time. Today the cafeteria served raw honeycomb, rainbow cake, edible brushes, edible sponges, and edible anything that is non-edible. For the drinks: water, smoothies, herbal teas, hot chocolate, etc.

“Want to sit with me?” Dove asked.

“Sure,” Serenity said.

“Guys, this is Serenity.” Dove gently placed her tray against the smooth table.

“’Sup, Serene?” an African-American boy greeted. “Name’s Shiloh.”

“Hi,” a black-haired girl breathed. “I’m Galyna.”

“Hey,” another girl said. “I’m Lull.”

They all became best friends one day. Serenity already felt at home.

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