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Daily Flash Fiction Entry - 20th of May 2022
As a young boy, Sean had been considered a 'wet leaf' by his own father. He was a compulsive liar, lacked common sense, and an absolute insufferable know-it-all.

Sean’s mother certainly didn't help their father-son relationship after she ran away with the milkman. There wasn't anything romantic involved in that decision, as both of them the other were being investigated by the local authority for benefit fraud, and it made sense for them both to split the cab fare in their escape.

What got left behind was a constant migraine according to the father, who preferred to do overtime at the factory instead of failing once again to drill any decency into his son, though he never raised a hand. There were many attempts in the past, however, once puberty struck; all hope flew out the window.

Becoming a teenager, Sean got much worse. He felt entitled, became lazier, and turned any molehill of a problem into a mountain. He wanted it all and daddy to get it. If any demands weren’t met, stealing money wasn’t off the cards.

When Sean’s eighteenth birthday arrived, he unwrapped a packed suitcase of his belongings. That day, the son vowed he’d next speak with his father when he’d reached the top, just to gloat at his “loser wage slave of a dad”.

A decade passed; the father received a phone call.

“What do you say now, Dad? I’m at the top of my field. Turn on the TV, can you see me?!”

“Well, son, I knew you had it in you…”

“Don’t give me that. You called me lazy, a liar, a thief and made out I was always talking manure.”

“Exactly, son. I knew you’d be a politician one day, and not only that, may I say congratulations, Mr. Prime Minister…”

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