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May The Anthro Activity Anteroom Contest. Humans and aliens know about each other.
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The Seed

Chapter 1: The Start

“Alright, everyone. Take your seats please.” Kurt watched as the 100 plus students chose a seat in the large auditorium.” The first days of his Humanities 101 lectures were easygoing.  His class was made up of a nice assortment of shifters. This year would be the first one human would be attending. The college board finally voted to let them attend classes, as long as there were no problems. Kurt’s register showed four in his classes.

When the noise settled down Kurt looked over the group.  At least not everyone was sitting in their own little shifter click. “First, don’t forget to add your signatures to the sign-in page by the door. The only way you get credit for this class is to sign the roster. A stack of syllabi can also be found there for anyone wanting a printed copy.  I try and stick to it, but to me, it is a suggestion on how this semester is going to go, so take notes or find someone to get your notes from.

“This class will have a different effect on each person. I will stand for no racial slurs or bullying under any circumstances.” Kurt walked to the front of the room and pulled down the first prepared blackboard. “I will be posting information on this board on a daily basis. Most of these lectures will use the projector system. I would appreciate it if you would turn your phones off or keep them on vibrate. Computers and tablets are allowed. Please check the syllabus for written paper assignments.

“Everyone needs to start to think of the themes for their end-of-term papers. It can be on any subject concerning humans and shifters existing on the same planet. By the end of the week, I hope to have a slip from everyone with a possible theme. These are only possibilities and can be changed at any time. By the middle of the first semester, I want a slip of paper which says ‘My term paper will be on … and my proof for my conjecture is…’ Feel free to message me with your ideas or stop by my office. This is not a first-come problem. More than one of you can have the same theme. I will be looking for original ideas and conclusions in the papers.

“I have procured room 302. Three days a week, I will be holding question and answer sessions. You may tape them. My office is next door to the classroom. A schedule is posted on the door for where and when I am available. When we get closer to the end of the term, this schedule will be changed. My TA Cory,” Kurt pointed to the Omega sitting in the last seat of the first row, “has his own classes to attend, but I am the only professor he is attached to, so you can get possible answers from him also.”

Kurt looked at his watch. “Today’s class is short. I will be here for another 30 minutes and then head to my office.  Class dismissed.”

Most of the students stood and hurried out of the room. This time was always interesting to Kurt. Those interested in the class, generally took their time leaving, grabbed written copies of the syllabus, and questioned Cory. Looking up from a paper he was reading, Kurt found five males standing in front of his desk; a bear, two wolves, a hawk, and a human. Interesting. “Yes gentlemen, how can I help you?”

The hawk took a half step forward. “Professor my name is Jerimiah. This is Samual, Seth, Harold, and  Peter. We are an existing study group for every class. We would like to set up a time to meet with you in your office.”

“My office is a bit small to hold six large Alphas, how about we use the classroom?”

Samuel, one of the wolf twins stepped closer. “We would appreciate using your office for the initial meeting.”

Kurt studied the group closely. They were fidgety. “Ok, gentlemen. I will be in my office at 3 o’clock this afternoon. Someone needs to go up and sign in for the one-hour slot.”

Samuel turned and received nods from the others. “Thank you, Professor.”

Chapter 2: The Rock

Precisely at 3 o'clock, Kurt heard a light tap on his office door and exciting voices on the other side. “Come in, gentlemen.”

The five students strode in and stood crammed off the left of his small wooden desk in front of the floor-to-ceiling bookcase. Each of them shook his hand and reintroduced themselves. “How may I help you?”

This time it was Harold, the hawk shifter. “We have been waiting all summer for this class. Although we have been talking with Peter online, since the end of last year, we needed to wait for permission for his attendance in order to add him to our group. Our end-of-the-year term paper will be on various aspects of the Ancient Ones. Each of us will choose one part of their existence.”

“Deposit your selections in the message box outside the door.” Kurt received nods but they were not done.

“There is something else.” Seth the other Wolf of the group looked at everyone. “Peter’s parents are archaeologists. He goes on digs with them every summer. A year ago during spring break of his human High School, they traveled to the Blue Ridge Mountains. Peter is an avid spelunker and wiggled his way into a small cave high on the range. While there he found a rock with hieroglyphic writing on the smoothly polished rock and surrounding walls.  Because of the writing, we decided to invite him into our group and explain about our makeup and past.”

“Don’t worry Professor, Peter is a good guy and has kept our secret for a long time,” Jeremiah said, putting his arm around Peter’s shoulders. “In fact, he is to marry Harold’s sister, when we get permission, for the joining.”

“It’s going to be a great match.” Harold chimed in. “My parents are on board, but they are worried about how the union will be accepted in the conclave. Peter has agreed to move into my parent's home and follow the rules of the council.”

Kurt smiled. He hoped to one day see this type of acceptance between shifters and humans. “This is all interesting.” He held out his hand to Peter. “May I be one of the first to offer my congratulations on your joining.” Peter shook his hand with a strong grip. “Is there something else relating to class you all wished to talk to me about? I enjoy getting to know my students but I have another class in two hours.”

Everyone looked to Jerimiah. “Peter,” Jerimian motioned to Peter, “brought the rock with him today and a copy of the writing on the wall of the cave. Thanks to Harold’s expertise in languages we have deciphered a large portion of the symbols. They are actually words from our Heritage History, but they must have been written thousands of years prior to the actual Heritage History books we live by. Peter, show him the rock and the translation.”

Peter pulled a small cloth package out of his coat pocket and placed it on the desk. He pulled a sheet of paper from his pants pocket and unfolded it. “The saying is: ‘When the Earth is held in the hands of the Chosen One, the Givers will return. The Seed will be examined, the shaft removed’. I have included the symbols also. Hal, says the writing predates the Egyptian Pharaohs, but to find it on this continent is strange.”

Kurt looked at the paper. “The symbols are from the time of the Ancient Ones, 6000 years in Earth's past, before the time of humans.”

Peter gasped. “Excuse me, but humans have always been at the top of the chain.”

“Sorry Peter, but you are wrong. Our teachings and past records state, that 6000 or so years ago, Earth was visited by a race of people from a distant star. Their original name was replaced by Ancient Ones. The shifters of ancient times were told the new race and the other mammals being dropped off on the planet, were an experiment to see if they could survive. The shifter inhabitants were not given a choice on having another species deposited on their planet. They were promised the Ancient Ones would return to check on their experiment and help with any problems which may occur.

“The old ones tried to keep the new arrivals, called humans by the visitors, in a close-knit area, All efforts were made though to help the humans survive. They were shown what to grow, how to tell if an animal was a shifter, and how to prepare dwellings to guard against the seasons, The human population grew quickly and soon started to fight with the shifters for control of the area. They began to think of themselves as superior to every being on Earth.

“The various shifter populations decided to pull back and hide who they were to protect subsequent generations. Those who didn’t pull back died out or their groups went ferial, losing their ability to shift and reason. The humans built large buildings and started to think the Ancient Ones were beings who would eventually come back and give them rule over the Earth. Different human groups popped up to explain how this was going to happen. The groups even fought among themselves as they do in this time.”

Kurt picked up the rock, its warmth radiating from under the cloth. As the group gathered closer he unwrapped the package. He wanted to drop it, but his fingers put the cloth off to the side and his hands cupped the rock, which glowed in the center around a strange symbol. Kurt heard in his head, “Come to us.” Out loud he said, “Grab each other's shoulders and hold on tight. Do not let go. Make sure someone is touching my shoulder.”

Chapter 3: The Meeting

The room disappeared and the area started to spin and sparkle. They were moving, but the direction was unclear.  The spinning stopped and the area cleared. They were in a large cavern made up of a rainbow of glowing minerals. Kurt looked from the rock to the walls. “Well, that was interesting.”

“Where are we?” asked Seth.

“Just guessing, but I think we are in the conclave of the Ancient Ones. Not sure if we are still on Earth though.” Kurt’s skin tingled. “Stay close together, in physical contact with each other if possible.” Without notice, their group rose several inches off the rock floor and floated toward a back wall. As they reached it, the wall split vertically in half and they floated toward another wall. This wall broke horizontally into two pieces allowing their entrance. They ended their journey standing on a rock pedestal, ten feet off the ground. Kurt heard, “Sit and be comfortable.” He looked at the others and it was clear they also heard the command in their heads.

A light beam projected from four places on the back wall coming to an apex four feet in front of them, on the floor below. Within seconds, a fifteen-foot figure dressed in robes appeared before them. Kurt bowed his head placing his hands flat on the pedestal. This was an Ancient One. He couldn’t tell if the apparition was male or female but the radiating power could not be ignored.

“I will communicate with you in your language. My name is Starcluster.  I know each of your names. I see you have a human in your group. This is surprising. My information says humans do not like your species, Kurt. I have been informed they have tried to eradicate you from the planet. The scientist recommended we visit this planet early, so your group could survive.” The Ancient One was talking so they could all hear, although their smiling lips did not move. “I wish to see your original forms.”

Kurt bent forward. “May I have the honor of speaking to you Ancient One?”

“You may.”

Jerimiah whispered. “Professor, what is happening?” His hand went to his throat.

“Quiet Jerimiah. This is an Ancient One. You can only speak when given permission.” Kurt turned back to Starcluster. “The young ones do not understand what is happening, Ancient One. They are used to speaking their minds. We have no problem showing you our ancient forms but I request we wait until the end of your visit. The change takes a lot of energy which they are going to need if we are subjected to trials.”

“Understood Kurt. I agree and grant your request. The home word scientists have not requested any trials at this time, but the possibility exists. As you have already derived from my appearance, the time has come to decide on if humans will be allowed to stay on this planet.”

“What do you mean to stay on this planet? This planet is ours,” Peter blurted out, starting to rise to his feet.

“Quiet human,” Starcluster waved a hand, and Peter grabbed his neck and fell sideways on the pedestal. If Samuel didn’t grab him he would have fallen to the floor of the cavern. “Humans were brought here as an experiment of our scientists. There is a great argument going on as to whether the trial is successful or needs to be changed. The possibility some humans will be allowed to remain is still on the table, but the population is slowly destroying the planet. We promised the original inhabitants, Kurt’s ancestors, we would protect them and this planet from any adverse reactions of seeding the world with new mammal species.”

Seth helped Peter right himself back to a seated position. Kurt reached back and patted his calf, never taking his eyes off the Ancient One.  “The human mammals quickly separated themselves from the others on land. There are several in the waters of Earth who are showing great promise in learning. My ancestors learned to assist the populations you left to study on Earth.

“The humans grew in strength and knowledge faster than we and I think even the Ancient Ones could predict. The pendulum of life is slowly starting to swing back. Over the last thousand years, we have slowly infiltrated their world. We have people in high places of governing bodies. We have writers coming up with stories telling about the shifter world, feeding the human minds with the idea we exist.”

“Kurt, what’s going on?” Peter whispered.

“It’s alright Peter. Listen and learn.” Kurt turned back to the Ancient One. “Humans are worth keeping on this planet. They are smart, innovative, and have the ability to empathize with others around them. They have the capacity to learn and accept things which they now fear.”

The Ancient One shook his head. “They spend their time arguing with each other. They kill each other with no reason behind their deeds. They are barbaric in how they treat even members of their own genetic groups. Home has held meetings to discuss whether they deserve to continue. Most hold the idea, that we should start over again with a select few, not necessarily here on Earth. You would get your planet back.”

“Our planet now consists of both shifters and humans. You changed that fact when you started your experiments. We have human’s in our enclaves around the globe who we have mated. We are not willing to give these humans up or take away what they consider their world.”

When Peter started to move, Kurt turned half his attention in his direction. “Peter, these are the original seeders of human beings on Earth. Thousands of years ago they brought your ancestors here along with about 40 other mammals, as an experiment. They promised my ancestors they would keep an eye on what is happening. The home planet of the Ancient Ones told shifter ancestors they would return to examine the mammals placed on Earth to see if the experiment was finished, proceeding with acceptable results, or there was a need to start over.”

The Ancient One silhouette flickered in front of them. “With all of the conflict shown on our scans of the planet, the council has decided to start over. We will be taking a sampling of the Human creatures and several of the other mammals though to be studied for possible future seedings.”

Kurt stood. “Of all the mammals you brought to our planet, the humans are the only ones who have been able to integrate themselves to the point of making this a better world. They have found a voice through intelligent speech. They are starting to figure out how to maintain the planet for future generations.

“All species fight, even the shifter populations of the world. You gave us the humans now we and this planet demand we keep them.” Kurt was pushing the envelope he knew but the infant population of humans deserved a chance.

The Ancient One flickered again. “The council has listened to your argument. They are still undecided on what should be done. We have decided we need more information about humans. While several ways have been put forth on how to do this, we have decided on this…” A single beam of light shot from the back wall and landed on the pedestal. A bulb of brightly lit smoke whorled at its point. The smoke coalesced into the shape of an infant human before the beam sunk back into the rock. “One of our scientists has volunteered to act as a go-between. You will make sure lessons are given continually. The infant will grow at normal speed but we have infused the intelligence matrix so learning will take place at double the rate of what we have determined as normal. He will stop aging at 30 of your sun cycles.

“The scientist will eventually be able to understand he is not human and will be able to communicate with us. Until his time you will protect him at all costs. If we do not hear from him in a specified amount of time, we will return and carry out the original plans of the majority of the council. Humans will be removed from this planet and seeded somewhere else. Gentle physical and mental examinations will continue on the inhabitants, for the time being.”

Peter removed his T-shirt and reached out for the small newborn infant, wrapping him tightly in his shirt. He pulled the baby to his chest and surrounded it with his arms.

Kurt glanced at the group which now encompassed Peter in a tight circle. Zeroing in again on the Ancient One he straightened. “We accept the challenge. The child will be protected and taught by shifter and human alike.”

“I personally am looking forward to seeing how this experiment works out for this planet. If you need my assistance before the child reaches communication age or we come back for our results, pick up the rock and hold it to your forehead. You will now be returned to your original point of entry.”

Chapter 4: The Future

With no warning, the room again began to whirl. Within several heartbeats, they were back in Kurt's office. 

Jeremiah touched the cheek of the small child. “Peter, take the boy to my daughter, Evelyn. If you are up to it I think you two have just become parents.”

Peter settled the boy snuggly in his arms. “I have no problem with taking care of him, as long as Evelyn agrees. Is he human or a shifter?”

“He is human as far as his body is concerned. As we were told his inelegance level is going to grow faster than his body age will indicate. We will have to make the changes one at a time. Now go and get him settled.” As Peter exited the office Kurt added, “You two can decide his name. We will have him added to the shifter rolls. As far as everyone else is concerned he is a foundling, dropped off by a couple who couldn’t keep him. He wouldn’t be expected to shift for twelve or so years so we will be safe there.”

Peter nodded and left. Kurt turned to the others. “You all have witnessed something very special today. Be careful who you tell. When our council finds out, and they will, the baby’s life could be in danger because the Council is going to want control. If we need to send Peter and Evelyn away we will. There are humans, I trust beyond reproach, who understand our culture and would be willing to take him in their lives.”

Kurt looked at the stone still sitting in the palm of his hand. Carefully he wrapped it up. “I will put this in the safe in my home. The baby will eventually want to see it. Go home and think about today. If you need the thoughts removed from your memory talk to me and I will find a physician who can accomplish the removal. One of the dream walkers should be able to do the job.” Kurt held out his hand palm down. One by one each of his students placed theirs on his. “Go with hope and sight on the future.”

Kurt was the last one out of his office. As he locked the door, a thought floated through his head, “I am safe wise one.”
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