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Rated: 18+ · Fiction · Adult · #2273539
Tom shares his story of the girl he met at his local bar.
Tom POV:

[Hey. I’m Tom. I’m 25 years old and I’ll share to you the story of how I met my wife and the life we enjoyed together as we built our relationship.]

[My physical appearance? Well, I get a lot of compliments on my looks. I’m about 6 feet and a half, I have spiky, black hair and I have green eyes. My eyes are quite big as well. I really don’t think of myself much. But that’s how I look.]

[My newlywed wife Sam, she a year younger than me. Her appearance is told in the story. Spoiler: Shes beautiful. Ok anyways, let’s get onto the story.


[One day my friends recommended me to go to this bar they knew. I was skeptical at first but just decided to go with it since I had nothing else to do.]

[It proved to be a huge mistake. I didn’t know what to do and where to go. It was a bit too overwhelming for me. I needed some time to calm down and decided to sit down. That’s when I met the girl who would change my life forever.]

Sam: Overwhelming, isn’t it?

[A really pretty girl that looked about my age, possibly younger, was sitting right next to me. She had long yellow hair, no bangs, and her eyes were the color of the sky. Her eyes were quite sharp but pretty and she had plump, big lips. She wore a dazzling white nightdress. I was mesmerized.]

Tom: Y-yeah…. It’s a bit too much for me…

Sam: Same here. My friends told me to go here to find a boyfriend or whatever.

Tom: My friends did too coincidentally.

Sam: Heh, is that so.

Tom: Yeah.

Sam: This place is a bit too loud, wanna go somewhere quieter?

Tom: That would be much better.

[Sam took me outside to have a little chat.]

Sam: So uh… I didn’t get your name.

Tom: Oh, it’s Tom.

Sam: I’m Sam. Nice to meet you.

Tom: Same here.

Sam: I’ll go get some drinks.

Tom: Alright…

[It was kinda weird. She just met me and acts so casual around me. Or I don’t know if it was just me back then, well whatever.]

Sam: Here.

Tom: Thanks.

Sam: So Tom…. Like, what do you like to do?

Tom: Oh um… I like to draw I guess.

Sam: Same.

[Me and Sam continued to talk for minutes and we became great friends in just one day. Sam’s voice is really calm, so it’s nice to listen to.]

Sam: Here’s my number.

Tom: Here’s mine.

Sam: Ah, we were talking too much we didn’t even drink.

Tom: Whoops. *Takes sip* Mm! Pretty good.

Sam: *Hic* Aaaah……

Tom: Not so good with liquor aren’t you?…

Sam: What do you mean?…. I’m perfectly fine….

[Sam then collapsed. Never knew she was so bad with liquor. But when she fell, I saw something that was shocking. I little bulge pointing up from her dress.]

Sam: Shit!

[Sam looked worried but angry at the same time.]

Tom: No no, it’s alright. Calm down okay?

Sam: *Deep breath* I’m gonna go now…

[And before I knew it, Sam left. I decided to go home as well and take a nap.]


[I just woke up, and the first thing that came to my mind was Sam. What happened to her since the day before? I was worried so I texted her.]

Tom: <Hey Sam… yeah sorry about yesterday…>

Sam: <Things got a little out of hands… I should be apologizing.>

[To my surprise, she replied instantly.]

Sam: <Say, wanna talk about it at the local park? I’m gonna hike there so how about you come along?>

[A hiking trip? I was confused but decided to go.]

Tom: <That would be nice. Sure!>

Sam: <Alright, meet me there in 30 minutes.>

Tom: <Alright.>

[I then brushed my teeth and got ready. I was kinda looking forward to the hiking trip with Sam.]

[I then arrived and saw Sam waiting under a tree.]

Tom: Hey!

Sam: Oh, hey Tom. Let’s go, follow me.

Tom: Alright.

[Sam then took me to go hiking with her and I have to admit, it was pretty enjoyable.]

[But Sam took me to the top of the hill, where we were all alone.]

Sam: We’re here.

Tom: I can see the city from here!

Sam: Nice isn’t it?

Tom: Yeah!

Sam: …..

Sam: So ummm…. Tom?…. About yesterday….

Tom: Oh… yeah….

Sam: It’s a condition. I was just born this way. Whenever guys found out they would slowly start to drift away from me….

Tom: I don’t care about your condition.

Sam: *Shocked* What?

Tom: You’re still you, right? It doesn’t really change anything about you.

Sam: Yeah, but I’m different from other girls. I don’t have a vagina. Basically everything about me is female except my bottom parts. I even have a prostate. Isn’t it weird?

Tom: No?… not at all. In fact it’s better for me. Since we both have it, I feel like I can understand you better.

Sam: *Blushing* (Finally…)

Tom: Plus it’s like ice cream with an extra topping. The more the better.

Sam: *Hugs*

Tom: Woah there!

Sam: Thanks Tom. You’re the first guy to ever say that about me. Really, thanks a lot.

Tom: *Hugs back* Its nothing really…

Tom: *Lays down*

Sam: *Does the same*

Sam: So… you really don’t care?

Tom: Nope. I actually like it.

Sam: *Blushes* My, what a perverted little mind you have.

Tom: Perverted?

Sam: Whatever.

[Sam then hugged my waist.]

Sam: Hey Tom?…

Tom: Yeah?

Sam: I think you know what I mean. (She likes him)

Tom: Haha… yeah alright. Me too. (He likes her)

[We then fell asleep. When we woke up, we didn’t even realize that we’ve slept for 3 hours. Guess hiking made us pretty tired.]

Tom: Hey, wanna go to my house?

Sam: Sure. I wanna see what your house is like.

[I then took her to my house and we played games until 11 PM. We decided to stop after it got boring.]

Tom: Sooo… it’s pretty boring. Nothing to do…

Sam: (Now’s my chance)

[I checked the clock to see the time, and right when I turned my head to talk to Sam, she planted her lips onto mine. It felt good. Her big lips were the softest cushions for my mouth.]

Tom: S-Sam?! *Blushing*

Sam: I got you~….

Tom: You just took my first kiss….

Sam: (That was so embarrassing….) *Blushing*

[She seemed to be assertive at first but eventually broke character. I guess I was her first too. I decided to continue because hey, why not.]

Sam: Mmmh~~??

Tom: There. Payback.

Sam: H-hey…. *Blushing*

Tom: Haha…

Sam: Hey Tom?

Tom: What’s up?

Sam: You know how I said earlier, that I don’t have a vagina?

Tom: Yeah?

Sam: I really don’t, so if we’re gonna have sex, it’s gonna have to be anal. Is that alright?

Tom: Yeah, of course. I think I’d like anal actually.

Sam: *Blushing* Hmm… Really?

Tom: Hey Sam. You’re beautiful.

Sam: *Blushing* Haha, that was out of nowhere.

Tom: Well I never had the chance to say it before. I’m lucky to have such a girl like you. Thanks Sam.

[Sam then smiled so brightly. I had never seen this side of her, but seeing her smile made me happy as well.]

Tom: It’s late now. Let’s go to bed.

Sam: Wait Tom?

Tom: Yeah?

Sam: Can I move in with you?

Tom: Obviously, yeah!

Sam: Thanks.

[The night passed and week went on as we moved stuff from Sam’s house to my house. During that time, I got even closer to Sam. But I really wanted to take our relationship to the next level. So on the night of the day we finished moving, I made my move.]

Both: *Lying down*

Tom: (This is risky, but I’ll try.) Hey Sam?

Sam: What is it?

Tom: *Goes on top of her* I wanna take our relationship to the next level.

Sam: *Sigh* You naughty boy… alright… (Finally)

Tom: Are you sure?

Sam: We’re a couple aren’t we? And since you want it so much, I’ll do it. *She also wants to do it*

Sam: But can we take it easy first?

Tom: Sure. What do you mean by easy?

[Sam was actually wearing one of my tank tops at the time, so I could see the side of her boobs quite well. Sam then took of the short jeans and underwear she was wearing and for the first time, I saw her penis.]

[Sam then lied on her back and split her legs apart, revealing her ass.]

Sam: You can stick your finger into here.

Tom: [I got hard in seconds. Sam beautifully displayed her sexy body in front of me for the first time. There’s no way that wouldn’t turn me on.]

Sam: Oh~?

[Sam saw my erection. I guess that turned her on too because she also started to get hard.]

Sam: Ooh~~… Mmmhh~~~…..

Sam: Jeez… making me all hard like this…

[She was rock hard. It was a good 6 inches. Her penis twitched as she was in heat. God it was hot.]

[What made her so sexy was how calm and arousing she was, which I loved.]

[I didn’t hesitate to stick my finger into her ass.]

Tom: *Sticks finger*

Sam: Aha~~… It’s my first time so be- ngh~.. gentle…

Sam: You have such big hands, so I think you’ll be able to reach my prostate~~… just keep going until you feel it~~…

[I went deeper and deeper. And the deeper I went, the more Sam felt it. She moaned as her penis twitched from the stimulation.]

Sam: Aghh~~…. Tom~~~….

Tom: Alright, I’ve reached it. Now what do I do?….

Sam: Bend your finger and once you feel something hard-

Tom: *Bends finger*

Sam: Aaaah~~~!… T-that’s it~~~!…

[The moment I pressed on her prostate, precum came out of the tip of her penis.]

Sam: Keep moving your fingers~~…

[Once again, there was no hesitation. I really wanted to see Sam ejaculate.]

Sam: Mmmnnnngaaah~~~~~!!……

[Sam started to squirm from pleasure. The fact that she was feeling it turned me on even more.]

Sam: Ooooooh~~~…. T-Tooooom~~~~~!!……

[Sam grabbed the bed sheets with both of her hands.]

Sam: Oooh it feels so goood~~~~…….!!

Sam: *Drooling* Ngghh~~~~…. Nggghhh~~~~!!….

[Her penis was wet and twitching violently. Her anal juices started to wet my hand and sweat covered her entire body.]

Sam: T-Tom~~~!… I-I’m cumming~~~… cumming~~~~!!!…..

[Sam was at her climax. I knew she was going to cum on my tank tops but I didn’t care.]

Sam: Oooooooh~~~~~!!!!…….

[Sam closed her eyes and shot multiple strings of thick semen that landed on my tank top]

Sam: Nnngghhhaahh~~~~….

[Sam’s worn out body and erect penis covered in semen, while she was sweating and drooling, turned me on even more. But I knew it was time to give her a rest.]

Sam: I came so much~~~~~……

[As I took my fingers out, she let out a final, small moan.]

*Schlip* (Sound)

Sam: Aaah~~~

Sam: You we’re so amazing Tom~~…

[Sam’s erection went down.]

[Unknowingly, I hugged Sam despite the fact that she was covered in semen. But I didn’t care.]

Tom: I love you Sam. Thank you for being my girlfriend.

Sam: You we’re supposed to say that a long time ago~…

Tom: But Sam? Weren’t you supposed to take my tank top off? I kinda have to wash it now.

Sam: It’s fine, washing isn’t that hard anyways. Sorry though, I came so much on it.

Tom: Jeez, making me do all the laundry…

Sam: Haha… sorry.

Tom: Also Sam… you wanted me to do that didn’t you?

Sam: (Crap) U-Umm nooo…….

Tom: Come on. Tell the truth.

Sam: Ok… fine… *Blushing and smiling* You caught me. How did you know?

Tom: I wasn’t sure but earlier today you’ve been really fidgety as if you wanted a desire to do something.

Sam: I guess I made it too obvious…

Tom: Heh, yeah. Anyways, you should go shower now. I already went earlier and I can’t just wash my hands.

Sam: Alright.

[Sam hopped into the shower while I replaced the bed sheets. Not only did she make it wet from her ass, she also got some semen on it too. What a girlfriend…]

[Once I replaced the sheets, I hopped into bed and waited for Sam. She came after about 15 minutes and got into bed with me.]

Sam: Sorry, I also got the sheets dirty. I couldn’t help it. It felt way too good for my first time.

Tom: I don’t mind. Sexiness is better than dirty sheets.

Sam: *Smiles and laughs quietly*

Sam: Wanna sleep now~?

Tom: Sure.

Sam: Mmmh… *Hugs*

Tom: *Hugs back*

[We then fell asleep while hugging each other.]


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