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A New Story

“I can’t sleep.”

“You don’t try. I never have trouble sleeping.” Patsy flopped over on the bunk below me.

“What’s your secret?” I leaned over, found her face in the fading light.

“I think of whatever happened today.” Patsy closed her eyes. “Then I think of what could happen tomorrow. Make it come together somehow. Then I put people into that idea. It becomes like a little fairy tale.”

“Oooh, I like fairy tales. Come on, tell me a story. Make up a story just for me.”

“Go to sleep. Make up your own story. My stories belong to me.” Patsy flopped to her stomach. Soon she was asleep.

It got dark. But I was still awake. What did Patsy say? ‘Think of what happened today, think of what could happen tomorrow, add some people.’ Hmmm.

Mark spilled Jason’s milk, Betsy cried when the teacher said her writing on the board was sloppy. On the bus ride home Miss Beck told everyone she was no longer our bus driver.

Tomorrow we'll decide to not let Mark have any chocolate milk, since that makes him crazy. I can help Betsy write better since I write really good. We hope we have a nice new bus driver. That’s boring stuff.

I’ll add in some new people, since new people always make life more interesting. Maybe some new people from Mars, or Venus.

So Marcia from Mars checks into school, she’s a whiz in Science class. Victor from Venus is having a hard time learning English. But some tutoring helps. He starts tutoring people in the Venus language of music and signs.

Glad Mom has unlimited internet on her phone. It gives me lots of ideas for stories as I fall asleep.

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