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A poem of Imhotep the builder of Step Pryamid.
Statue of Imhotep Builder of Step Pryamid
Rare find at the bazzar.

In my possession the dwarfish statuette of Imhotep, the mastermind of King Djoser.

I display my new acquistion on top of the polished ceramic pedestal in my room full of statues.

Surrounded by lively six-feet marble Egyptian priests in adoration.

As the shadow of darkness desends on the fragile sunlight of sunset I’m spellbound
And enter a deep sleep.

Motionless in bed I all of a sudden felt invigorated when I awaken in ancient Egypt in the year 2600 b.c.

A birds’s eye view reveals the great secret of Egypt.

The life giving Nile river is guarded like a fortress by the uninhabitable massive Sahara desert.

The impenetrable distance maintained peace for thousands of years.

Until the deafening silence was broken by frightening thunderous echos of invading war-chariots.

The war-chariot the greatest weapon of war and the human imagination.

Made fantasies of time travel beyond Ancient Egypt forty-two nomes a reality.

Akhenaten dreamt of future possibilities.

At 6:00 King Tutankamun felt the presence of doom.

All through out ancient Egypt thepeople chant Ramesses is the greatest
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