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INTRODUCTION to NOCI & Dr. Ann a Hybrid Alien
Dr. Ann awakens on a shuttle that appears to be beyond advanced civilization. Standing before her an incredibly large creature, gazing at this creature she vaguely remembers who he is. Upon her awakening the creature states "We have been waiting centuries for your arrival." Dr. Ann replies "How long have I been here?" This enormous creature looks down at her while he disconnects the tubes attached to her Hybrid consciousness. Suddenly, Dr. Ann appears frazzled her dark oval shaped eyes expand with incoming projected images from a series of lifetimes she's lived while on hypersleep. The creature returns with a green slimy fluid "Here take this, you've been here far too long." Dr. Ann begins her journey eagerly admitting she does not know what to do next. Remembering her previous lifetimes she thinks to herself, How am I here right now? What am I doing here? AM I DEAD? Dr. Ann can only see past lifetime, her present moment is solely based on intuition of her consciousness. Until she is able to manage the present existence her eyes have been blocked from viewing in the physical sense. Consciousness tells her she is not yet equipped to handle the true evidence of where she is. For now the creature calmly reassures her she is in NOCI a place of destiny and unseeable identity.
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