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by fyn
Rated: 18+ · Poetry · Death · #2273807
lowest common denominator
finger, takes
aim--we are to blame.

Guns don't wander around
shooting their mouths
(I mean bullets) off --
it takes a hand, a finger
to load and pull a trigger.

Bombs don't set themselves off
on a whim. No, a person makes the
decision, pushes the buttons,
makes it go bang.

Knives aren't self-activating,
throwing themselves
at humans.

Weapons must be wielded
by a person.

People are to blame.

Laws are enacted by those
we vote into office, those who
are supposed to vote what their
constituents want--A sham then? Or, are
people deluding themselves?

Why blame corporations or stores
for offering for sale what people must want
else they wouldn't be offered--stores
need to make money to pay their workers.

Make guns illegal!!! Sure, then the law-abiding
will be at the absolute mercy of the criminals
who will still have, always have, the guns.

Intensive, mandatory background checks
and wait times would be a start--even still--

people are to blame.

Take away the assault rifles, the machine guns,
the repeating rifles with five-shot clips, the pistols,
the shotguns, and the bb guns. Then all the knives,
baseball bats, golf clubs, bows and arrows, all pipes,
darts. Must include the motorized vehicles, the planes.

Don't forget rocks, poisons, chemicals, wires, ropes, books,
gasses, flames, pencils and pens. Snowballs, hockey pucks,
forks, scissors, scalpels, hard objects, scarves, pillows, words,
cast iron frying pans, lids from opened cans, bottles, glass, tools.

Onto the beliefs, religions, doctrines, rulers, the powerful, the weak,
the haves, the have-nots, the dispossessed, the displaced, the elitists,
the in-crowd, the out-crowd. Boomers, Gens X, Y, and Z. All the people.

Maybe the video games where the killing never ends and the more you kill
the higher your score. Mustn't forget Wile E. Coyote gets shot, bombed, and
tossed off a cliff to keep on keeping on & Buggs Bunny is indestructible, right?

Where is that line in the sand drawn?
When does it cross over to the ridiculous?

Bottom line: It will always come down to people and a choice made.

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