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A story about sharing a dessert with a friend [Sharmelle's Recipe Kitchen Contest, 5/2022]
A custard for my friend

The Story -- *Bookopen*

What I like about this particular dessert is its simplicity. I would venture a guess that everything needed can normally be found in even the most humble kitchen on any given day. Now that's simple! Should that not be the case, however, a trip to the nearest grocery store will almost certainly yield any missing items or ingredients. I wouldn't be surprised, if you could even find custard cups—or a reasonable substitute—at your local 7-11. *Bigsmile*

As to which author I would share it with and why? One of my current favorites, C.J. Box, lives somewhere north of me in Wyoming. That would be pretty cool, but I think the odds are pretty long on making that happen. I would gladly cook and share it with any of my WDC friends but, if pressed, I think the nod would go to Kåre Enga in Montana 🇺🇦. Yes, he's about as far away in Montana as you can get, but I'd get a chance to see some pretty terrific scenery, have a shot at adding Idaho to my 'places I've been' list and - oh yeah - get to listen to what have to be some pretty awesome travel stories. Thailand? Chile? Portugal? Wow - just, wow.

The Recipe -- *Rollingpin*

Baked Honey Custard

3 eggs                                            Beat eggs, honey and vanilla with a
1/4 C. honey or maple syrup          wire whisk. Stir in milk. Pour into
1 t. vanilla                                 glass baking dish or six custard
2 1/2 C. milk                                 cups. Sprinkle with a spice. Set in a
ground nutmeg or cinnamon          pan of hot water. Bake large dish at
                                            325° for 1 hour; bake cups at 350°
for 40 to 45 minutes. The custard is done when a knife inserted off-center
comes out clean. Serve warm or cold. This contains a lot of protein with
only minimal sweetening.

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