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12 fun facts about Christmas
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Christmas is a special time for almost everyone in the world but different cultures celebrate it in various ways with their own customs.

1.There’s much more to Christmas than giving and receiving gifts, decorating homes, and fir trees.
Why we celebrate this festive holiday on December 25th is lost in history. There is no mention of that date in the Bible and many historians are saying Jesus was born in the spring.

2.The tradition of the Christmas tree goes all the way back to the ancient Egyptians and Romans who decorated with evergreens during the winter solstice to signify spring would return.

3.Santa Claus came from Saint Nicholas who gave away his large inheritance to the poor. In Dutch his name is Sinter Klaas which later morphed into Santa Claus in English.

4.On Saint Nicholas’ feast day on December 6th Dutch children leave him food and drink to be exchanged for gifts overnight. That is why many children leave a little snack for Santa to keep him from being hungry on his long journey.

5.Before Coca-Cola decided to use his image for advertising, Santa’s looks used to be more spooky than jolly. In 1931 an illustrator named Haddin Sundblom, depicted him like a jolly old elf for magazine advertising.

6.Rudolph the red-nosed reindeer, first appeared in 1939 when a department store wanted to create a story for children the store could use for promotion. Rudolph was almost named Rollo, or Reginald, which doesn’t quite have the same ring to it.

7.Nine days before Christmas 1965, the crew of Gemini 6 reported to Mission Control they saw an UFO entering Earth’s orbit. Before Mission Control took them too seriously the crew played, Jingle Bells, with Wally Schirra, playing harmonica, and Tom Stafford, shaking a handful of sleigh bells.
Silent Night, is the most recorded song in history. It’s had 733 different versions copyrighted since 1978.

8.From 1659-1681, anyone caught making merry in the colonies would face a fine for celebrating the Revolutionary War. The day had such little significance that Congress held their first on December 25th 1789.

9.Between Thanksgiving and New Year’s Day, the US Postal Service delivers an estimated 910 million packages and 15 billion pieces of mail.

10.Contrary to popular belief, ‘Xmas’ is nota trendy attempt to take Christ out of Christmas. Christianity was spelled ‘Xianity’ as far back as 1100. In 1551 the holiday was commonly called, Xtemmas which was later shortened to Xmas.

11.According to the National Retail Federation’s most recent data, consumers spend an average of $967 on the holidays.

12. The Christmas tree at Rockefeller Center was first placed there by construction workers. They placed a small, undecorated tree there in 1931. Two years later another tree appeared in its place, this time draped in lights. It just kept on getting bigger every year. Today the tree beats more than 25,000 lights.

PROMPT: What do you know about Christmas? Research and write what you know or base this on fiction with true facts.

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