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Basic information concerning WDC’s unofficial LGBTQ+ newsletter.
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         We are the LGBTQ+ community of Writing.com, but we’re more than “gays”, “lesbians”, and “trans”. We’re a community comprised of those who fall in love with personalities as opposed to bodies, people who aren’t attracted to anyone beyond themselves, and members who identify all over the “Spectrum of Love”. We might be defined by who or how we love, but what makes us important is the choice to use our voices to tell our stories. One of the few communities also serving as a genre, we have a unique history with the obligation of honesty and grit with a slicing sense of humor.

         We are a prism of people. And yes, you belong here.

         LGBTQIA+ is the acronym describing lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender/transsexual, queer/questioning, intersex, and allied/asexual/aromantic/agender. It doesn’t matter where you land or how you define yourself…even the most hetero-normative people belong here. This community is support and learning and passion. If you’re a human with feelings and a curiosity to learn, you belong here.


         To honor those who’ve carried the weight to show us how to lay the foundation for those who don’t yet know they’re writers. We aren’t a community simply because we exist; we’re a community because of all we have to offer, because of the art we create and our contribution to something greater than ourselves.


         A new newsletter will be published on the first of each month with the possibility of more.

Each newsletter will contain:

         ”A Prism of People” will contain news from around WDC regarding changes and other points of interest for our members, including news directly related to the community from achievements around the site to published works.

         Every newsletter focuses on a topic pertinent to the LGBTQ+ genre written by a member of the community with interesting insights and points of view you’ll only find within the diversity of the community.

Editor’s Picks
         The editor of the newsletter will pick a handful of pieces substantiating their article and theme. So keep writing your pieces, label your LGBTQ+ stories as such so they can be found…wave your Pride flag so we can find you!

         Should there be new members, this is the place where we’ll say hi and introduce you to these members. Make sure to say hey and welcome each other!

         Every newsletter will list current and relevant competitions, challenges, and activities concerning the LGBTQ+ community.

         Odds, ends, and miscellanies will be added, notes of interest.

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