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Daily Flash Fiction - 6/5/22 - W/C 279

Little Ant

“Drat. Phooey. I’ve had enough of all this.”

“Enough of what?”

“This fiddle-farting around. When do I get to the good stuff?”

“I hate to tell you, but this is the good stuff.”

“So you’re here to tell me all this messing about, all this moving stuff from here to there, is the good stuff?”

“You’re right. As good as it will ever get. The satisfaction of saying 'We did it!'. So buck up and deal with it buttercup.”

“Well, this just sucks.”

“Indeed. But that is the life of an ant. We move things around. Important things. We move food. We move invaders out. We are constantly on the move. It’s all for the colony. All for one, one for all.”

“Isn’t that a palindrome?”

“I don’t know what a palindrome is, but I do know that’s our motto.”

“So what do we do today?”

“We move those pieces of dirt over there to that other pile.”


“Because the colony needs it moved. Don’t ask questions. Ants don’t ask questions. They just do what is needed.”

“What if I don’t want to do that job?”

“Then perhaps a fire ant will come and eat you. That’s what they tell the rebellious ants in ant school. You never heard that threat?”

“I never went to ant school. I think you’re lying.”

“It’s up to you. I would just do the job. Don’t take chances.”

“Well, I’ve had enough of all this.” And off little ant went to above ground. It just so happened Mr. Mike was working on his lawn. He saw little ant and crushed him as soon as he appeared. Just like that, little ant suddenly had enough of all that.

W/C 279

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