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Death awaits for none. A road to nowhere.
“You have to do something about it.”
Jack looked around with an exasperated expression. He wanted to scream with frustration. He took a deep breath before he spoke.
“Exactly what do you want me to do about this? We just escaped prison. We are in the middle of nowhere! I didn’t exactly wake up this morning with all the answers!”
Keith rolled his eyes with annoyance. “You are the brains of this operation. I thought you had at least someone from the outside, helping us! Now look at us! Lost and nowhere to go.”
All he does is complain, Jack thought with annoyance.
“How about we get off the road. I think that is something we can do.” Jack said as he walked towards the open desert.
Keith could not help but laugh. “There is nowhere to go!”
Jack was about to explode when they both heard a car coming from out of nowhere. It was daylight. Where had it come from?
That’s weird, Jack thought.
They both looked at each other with concern. As the car approached they noticed that it was a black hearse. It made Jack nervous.
“What the? “Keith cried in surprise.
The passenger door seemed to open on its own. The driver did not bother to turn to them. Almost like unspoken words, they both knew that they had to enter.
”I don’t think we made it,” Keith whispered. Jack didn’t know what to say. How did they even escape?
I guess it doesn’t matter, Jack thought as they both entered the hearse.
Nothing else was said as they began their way towards the unknown.

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