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Gifted magic gone wrong? IDK about this one guys (face palm)
The moon was full, shining bright, but not enough to unveil my malicious intent. The old lady was struggling with her dog. The dog seemed wary, barking into the darkness. Tugging and tugging on the leash did nothing but throw off her balance. I plastered my brightest smile to match the moon and swooped in just in time to catch her from falling down the porch stairs. Her wide eyes and opened mouth prepped for a scream that was never released, relaxed. She smiled up at me with such gratitude my dinner nearly broke my facade. If she knew why I was here, she wouldn't care that I just caught her. She would know it was a rouse to get in her house and slip away unscathed with some jewelry.

As I helped her into her house, my veins tingled, starting where she held onto my arm and spreading throughout my tall, slim body. My muscles stretched and tightened. I blinked; I was in her bedroom, standing next to her jewelry. My heart trembled, but for only a few seconds. Then my gloved hands were grabbing handfuls of jewelry, stuffing my pockets. The dog appeared as suddenly as I did, growling and snarling at me. I reared my foot back to kick the dog, but it disappeared and reappeared. I rubbed my eyes, hoping I was daydreaming about a nightmare. I wasn't. I blinked and was transported behind the dog, right next to the door. The door shut and locked before I could take a step. I grabbed the knob to be sure, and the entire door came unhinged. I was strong and moved to wherever I thought up in my head. This would make stealing so much easier and fun. The dog barked and lunged for my leg. I pulled my leg back for another kick, but my entire body started to float and drift through the now opened door.

I thrashed as hard as I could down the hallway and into the living room against the invisible force pulling me, but my body never moved. I was sealed up tight, wrapped in magic. The old lady dropped me to the floor, still cocooned. "I give you magic, and you steal from me?" I didn't respond, couldn't; her seal wouldn't let me. "You lasted 5 seconds before earning yourself a spot in my special prison for villains. That is a new record, and I've been gifting magic for two centuries." she shook her head and clicked her tongue a few times.
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