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by Yio
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The rain, the body, something strange with me......
"Hurry up! What the heck are you doing? " A man shaking my shoulders. And I found out I was sleeping in the chair. " Sorry, I stayed up late last night." I said. " They found a body on the bank of the river. Why are your clothes wet? " I changed my clothes and said " Whatever, let's go."

When we arrived on the bank of the river, there were many people sitting there. " Was it raining last night? ``'' Yea, the water washed away a lot of traces, and it was difficult to extract the evidence we wanted. " There was a woman lying there and we decided to send the body to autopsy.

The dead was 161 centimeters, dark red spots were on the anterior sides of the legs, distributed in the back of the neck, which is superior to waist , and the dorsal parts of the limbs that are not compressed . Pale bulbar conjunctiva, pale lips, and missed the second molar. There were no other things in the Oral Cavity. Cyanosis of both fingernails, and small flake-shaped abrasions on the inferior to knees.
During the inspection, the plaque pressure has not faded, and the stiffness of all major joints has been formed. Left popliteal fossa small flake-shaped contusions and abrasions, which was proximal to arm and with peeling of the superficial.Seen in the right distal to arm fossa Contusion and abrasion, with peeling of the deep. The Abdominal Cavity was normal and there was a little superficial hurt on the Pelvic Cavity.Skeletal System was nothing wrong. There were some scratches near the medial of the back and also on the lateral of the hip. But the main problem was her Cardiovascular System.

Death due to acute respiratory and circulatory failure caused by pulmonary infarction; The small oval or oval-like fossa of both lower extremities is a prenatal injury, which is caused by others; Pathological examination found that there is a certain degree of heart disease in the heart, mainly manifested as inflammation of the endocardium, heart valve, and muscle interstitium, swelling and increased cell components in the vessel wall, etc. These lesions under certain conditions can cause changes in the cardiovascular system that can lead to the above-mentioned fatalities; trauma to the body surface can be an indirect causative factor in the process.

"Oh god! Don't tell me is the serial murder. ``'' It's the fourth body until now. They all missed the second molar. " I said and sneezed. " Are you okay? You are so weird these days. " " Maybe because I had a cold. ``'' We will discuss this tomorrow, have a good rest. " " Bye. "
When I got home, I was wondering why I caught a cold. When I suddenly saw my soaked clothes this morning, " It was raining last night. ". My head was getting hurt and I saw a necklace with 4 teeth on my desk.
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