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Johannes Kepler is the Orrityga
"Chapter Two

Graz, Austria. 1598

Johannes Kepler was 27, an astronomer, mathematician, natural philosopher, and, unknown to the vast majority, a node of the Orrityga. As they sat in the classroom, preparing his lecture they gradually became aware of a presence. They experienced the strange overlapping that heralded the impending union of a new node. Yet, somehow, they knew this was not the case. This was something entirely new.

The new presence though it was clearly using Kepler's physical senses was a distinct entity. The Orrityga asked “Who are you?”

The entity reacted with surprise then, tentatively, broadcast “Amyrll.”

Landseer registered uncharacteristic surprise. The alien dimension being was vastly different from those that Stendhall had briefly encountered. It had a depth that rivalled the Vrrall themselves when they locked their combined awarenesses together. Landseer opened an emergency sub-sequence of the Quarantine and notified his fellow Vrrall of the development. They could not reply, but they would be able to consider.

Amyrll's shock at being addressed directly was intense, as was her sense of wonder at the mind it was sharing. It's plurality was astounding and unlike anything she had considered possible. She knew somehow that it was aware of being scrutinised and it's memories accessed. In a panic Amyrll executed a Closure Sequence. The effect was beyond what Amyrll intended. The plurality fell away, and Amyrll was left co-sharing the mind of Kepler alone. The Orrityga was gone.

Amyrll's invocation of Closure had a surprising effect on the plastic memory of the Orrityga. They completely forgot their most famous node's relationship to them. Whilst aware of him as a famous astronomer, they were no longer aware of his ever having been a part of the Orrityga. They also forgot the strange appearance of Amyrll in their mind. To them it was as if it had never happened.

Landseer noted the change and was intrigued by the implications. Another message was sent to his fellow Vrrall. Landseer considered alone, then evoked a memory extract and record upon Amyrll. She was unaware of this.

Whether or not it was because of Kepler's original sharing with the plurality consciousness Amyrll was not sure, but his mind did not reject her as the others had rejected Stendhall. Landseer registered Amyrll's relief at this.

Cautiously Amyrll began to invoke some of the untried sequences that Stendhall had developed. She began by mapping the physical body of her host. Pattern seeking algorithms noted functions, chemical movements and sensory responses. The host no longer seemed aware of Amyrll's presence, and she relaxed still further. Further Sequences were invoked, some requiring Amyrll to reSequence them live as they failed to function as expected or required.

Amyrll was confused when the memory extracts repeatedly failed to register anything linking to the plurality consciousness. Johannes Kepler was no longer aware of ever having been a part of any plurality and yet Amyrll's memory of it was intact. She did not know that it called itself the Orrityga.

Prague, Bohemia. 1603

Lady Sophia de Bressalau alighted from her coach. She was excited because she was about to meet her husband's latest node. Not only that but he was famous, Imperial Mathematician to the Holy Roman Emperor, Rudolf II. She knocked at the door and then appraised a servant of her name, which she gave as Susanna Reuttinger. Kepler, having being assured by the servant that her clothes, speech and coach all denoted a person of importance, received her.

Sophia waited till the servant had left and then gave Kepler a dazzling smile.

“Hello Orrityga.”

Kepler's expression told her that something was wrong.

“Madam you are mistaken. My name is Johannes Kepler. I was given to understand that you had asked for me by that name.”

The man was polite, but also terribly confused. Though he could swear that he had never met her before, the beautiful creature before him was somehow terribly familiar.

Amyrll followed Kepler's reaction to the entity calling itself Susanna Reuttinger with interest. She had addressed Kepler as Orrityga and Amyrll sensed that this was the correct designation for the plurality. Amyrll further guessed that Susanna was significant to the shared consciousness that she had first encountered. Kepler's body chemistry was reacting powerfully to the woman's presence. Amyrll wished that she could consult Landseer.

Sophia was distressed. The previous node of the Orrityga had told her when and where they would first meet her as Johannes Kepler. How could they not recognise her? She felt faint as she stammered confused apologies. It was clear that something was dreadfully wrong. Kepler, seeing her sway, helped her into a chair.

Landseer wanted to know more about the alien plurality as they had first encountered it. He created a Sequence and folded it through the Reality Distillation unit to Amyrll's consciousness. Amyrll unquestioningly invoked it, and observed as it opened a brief and temporary window in the Closure Sequence.

Recognition flooded Kepler as he once more was a node of the Orrityga.

“Sophia!” He exclaimed, and then rushed out, “Tell the last node, Amyrll.”

Mingled relief and puzzlement coalesced into an echoed question, “Amyrll?”

“Its another being. Its sharing my....”

Confusion clouded Kepler's face and he checked himself then said “I'm sorry madam, I seem to have lost my train of thought. What was I saying?”

Sophia stood and made hurried apologies for having intruded on Kepler's time. Leaving as swiftly as politeness allowed Sophia was suddenly struck by the thought that she did not know who the next node would be nor when and where she would meet him. Climbing into the coach she burst into hot tears.

There was a polite cough and a light tap on the door of the coach.

“Lady de Bressalau.” The tone was amused, “The Orrityga has asked me to give you this letter.”

Sophia started at the familiar voice. Opening the door she saw Mr Peters, and in his hand he proffered a sealed parchment.

“Father.” Sophia smiled, wiping her tears, “I am afraid that I must look awful.”

“Not at all. “ he reassured her.

Sophia invited him into the coach, and once he was seated she opened her letter. It briefly told her that she had been missed in her future and so the previous node had given Mr Peters this letter to give to her today in the hopes that it would resolve this matter. Then there was a list of all the future nodes together with when and where she would meet them.

Clasping the list to her, Sophia smiled. “Thank you Father.”

He nodded acknowledgement and smiled.

“May I ask a favour?” She said. “Will you please remind me when I meet this node.” Here she showed him the last name on her list, “to tell him that something called Amyrll is sharing Kepler's mind.”

“But of course.” Mr Peters reassured her.

Sophia thanked him then sat back and re read her letter which, in addition to the list, conveyed the Orrityga's love for her, his eternal Aphrodite, Sophia. She was happy again.

"Chapter Four
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