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A piece about why I still believe in this great country of ours.
When I was young, I had always been looking forward to the 4th of July; I loved the parades and the flea markets, but even so much more, I even loved the fireworks after the sun goes down in the dark. Those incredible sparks that explode in the sky are just enough to make a person like me go "OOOHH" and "AAAHHH"...
But I am much older now, and today I try to celebrate America's birthday as much as I could. But recently, I have this feeling that the 4th of July just does not have any feeling anymore. I do not mean to say this, but it is true. Do you want to know why? Because the America that I once knew has been lost in a fog of partisan division, bigotry, hatred, and so many other horrid things, and among them is the fact that Roe Vs. Wade is going to be overturned.
And I have always remembered the time that Republicans would compromise with the Democrats; but it is not so much now, because the Republicans have turned their hearts to evil and turned against the Democrats and against us; they even called fellow Republicans who have chosen to go the other way and help Democrats RINOs (Republicans In Name Only). The Republicans have ignored the values that all of us in America believe in, and even choose to believe that the country should ignore racial and national justice and just have white nationalism. The Republicans had ultimately decided to have an unloving heart and an evil soul, all because they bow to a man named Donald Trump, whose power has been fueled by Russia because we know that Russia has invaded our US elections, and I am thinking that Trump might want to use the power of Russia to take control of the Oval Office, probably forever.

I just cannot wrap my own mind on how why would Republicans still act like they are big shots, even long after Trump has left office; Americans have not gotten the help that they need from the government, and time and again Republicans have blocked every bill to help every American, and we all know why: To hang on to their power. If Republicans are going to put their power before the desperate help of the American people, then there is going to be trouble for one and all.
That kind of partisan behavior is not the kind of America that I know and love; why has our country become this way? Why can't something be done to have those Republicans release themselves of their cold, heartless ways and to just work with the Democrats together and to make America a much better place to live? Isn't that the most beautiful thing that should make America work?
I believe in the beauty, power, and love of America, and I still do; I still believe in the values that help make this great country what it is, a land that is free as well as being the home of the brave. As the July 4th Independence Day holiday approaches, we all need to use this approaching time to think about what this holiday should really be about, and why this wonderful thing called independence is so very much more important now than ever before. The 4th of July is not a holiday about division; it is a holiday about unity. America is a country of unity, and we need to treat this country as such, and to show those Republicans that we do not need to hear their lies, and also tell them to wake up to the reality that America is about unity, peace, and love, not the other way around.

Let's all do our part to let Republicans know that the time for their games is over and for them to act like the responsible politicians that they are supposed to be; if they refuse to do so, then there is only one thing to do: In November, VOTE!
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