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by chaze
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What if Earth decided to end her misery.....Are you ready?
How long will humanity be blinded and heartless to Our dear Mother earth?
Until when are we gonna ignore the signs that mother earth cannot endure the pain that we are doing?
Is humanity really forgotten what God gave to us to live and to be happy?
All living things has feelings. Have we ever felt what earth feels now?
Mother Earth has given us too many signs that she is in pain and no longer can endure what she is feeling.
She gave us so much signs that humans are to blind to see "climate change"
Everything has it's limit. what if one day Mother Earth decided that she is fed up to love humanity and just stop her misery. are we ready?

She gave her whole life to mankind for so many years and decades. Because her creator showed her the unconditional love and affection for humans. But why does us humans for got all of the wonderful things that our creator taught us? I remember when I was a kid my religion is catholic so when they taught us about religion the first thing they always tell us is to love what God created and made for us. But why is it now when years go on and passed by us humans forget to value or to love the source of life that we are in. the provider of evertyhing that we need. We are caught up on things that will not matter if the one main source of humankind is ignore. You try to build and strive to be rich but yet you never look back on the one who provided you what you have now to exist to enjoy what you have.

Mother Earth is suffering and she is drastically switching to changes that may not be suitable to the hard work and empire that you are building. Open up your hearts, mind and soul listen to what she's shouting for. If you are not yet ready to stop the existence of humanity don't ignore the place that you are living in.
Earth has given us all the love she can give unconditionally. So why don't you give her the love that she needed to survive to. its a two way process you know.

Stop ignoring her signs. Let earth breath. Don't waste time. Because we will never know how long can she take this torture that we are inflicting. Start spreading love for her. Take time to appreciate the nature and start building what she gave us. Feel it in your hearts we are almost at the time that the clock will stop for us if we still ignore it.
Prayers won't work if we still don't make actions for it.
There are a lot of ways to save Mother Earth. It is up to us how we will be part of it. So we will not have any regret in the end.
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