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Rated: E · Fiction · Crime/Gangster · #2275254
a mugging goes awry. entry for Daily Flash Fiction Challenge 6/22.
I waved the banana at the man as though it were a gun. As if my simple will would make it a weapon. It was all I had and it had to be enough.

“Don’t do anything stupid,” The man whined in fright, "I just wanted your money! You don't have to shoot." He dropped his knife.

I looked at my banana and was shocked to find a gun. However, it had happened I was grateful. "You need to consider a career change!” I growled, sounding more self-assured than I was.

The man nodded frantically, “I swear I’ll turn over a new leaf!”

“Get gone!” I motioned with the gun.

He turned and ran. I noticed a large yellow puddle beneath where he had stood. I chuckled and looked down at what had turned back into an overripe banana.

140 words

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