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Goodbye to Yesterday for Writers Cramp

Goodbye to Yesterday

They say
That one should live for today
YOLO You Only Live Once

The past is the past
And one should say
Goodbye to yesterday
Let it fade away

Becoming part of our memories
Living on in our thoughts
And dreams

And tomorrow
Well it may never come
To past

Today could be
Your last day
Live your life
Filled with passion

And let the past go
No more regrets
The past is past

There is only now
The present
This moment.

Two entries today. I chose
The Cleansing (ASR)
A corrupt society is given a miraculous ultimatum to change their pernicious ways.
#2275247 by brom21 (261)

as winner as it is a story worth reading, with a great message inside.

New Prompt:

Use as the title of your work: Goodbye Yesterday.

Entries must not exceed 1,000 words for stories or 40 lines for poetry. Your word or line count MUST appear in your entry post in the Cramp forum. ALL of the writing prompt requirements must be met in order to qualify.

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