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What to say about my mom

My mom is strong and beautiful in her own way
She grew up on a farm with a huge family
A loving dad and mom who were very Christian and strict
She is a proud woman that doesn’t take down
She will not be bullied usually and she will put you in your place quick
She can be funny and fun filled with glee and life
She can be cruel and crude,rude and angry if you rub her the wrong way
Her Achilles heel is surely men even though she says they’re not
She’s a hard worker without a shadow if a doubt
She can be stubborn as a mule
She’s the kind to give you the shirt off her back
You also don’t want her as your enemy
She believes pay back is a B****
Doesn’t matter who you are she sure does believe in pay back
If you crossed her you should watch your back
She loves hard and long even when some don’t deserve it
She’s been abused a lot in her life
You will not tell her who to like,love,hate or admire ever
You will not tell her she can’t because then she will
She has worked very hard for most of her life
My mom she is great however she is who she is accept her or not
I love her a lot even when sometimes liking her I cannot.

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