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by Monty
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Just some rhyming lines.

If you drive an old jalopy,
Think it won’t get you very far
You may find yourself thinking,
About buying a new car

Before we buy a new one,
Here’s what your wife said
Are you absolutely sure,
It won’t put us in the red?

You answer; Darling, try
And use your head
We have had the old one so long,
It’s nearly dead

While deciding what to purchase,
First consider this
Is the old one so very bad,
Or is it just a guess?

I bought a new one,
Told the same thing by my spouse
Now we have a payment,
As big as on the house

Hang tight to your hat,
The worst is yet to come
Shopping for new pots, and pans
Thought we would buy some

Pulled into the parking lot,
And parked by our old car
Knew it was the one we had,
Still had the bumper scar

A year had passed by then,
Or even maybe more
It was waxed, and shining,
In my mind I swore

My wife looked right at me,
And calmly I was told
Maybe I should trade you in,
I think your getting old

So if you want to take it,
This is my advice to you
Be real sure you need to trade,
Or end up like me too...


Munroe L Chapin

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