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Rated: E · Draft · Fantasy · #2275640
A guy who can hear things but people around him assumes he’s dead.
He could hear everything, but dare not open his eyes

"What do we do about the body?"

"Burn it?"

"Please no, you don't speak, your suggestions are invalid after we got the kid dead.", a third, deep voice spoke.

He heard a girl sigh, more out of annoyance than regret. Was he really dead? He can't be. All he remembers is, well, hm. Okay. He remembers nothing.

What were they up to, these people around him talking? Who were they? He heard the door open, and a blanket of silence whoosh over the room as a couple of people walked in.

"Clean up. Your. Messes. Now."

"Yes ma'am", the deep voice replied, "Except, uhm, we don't really know how? But yeah, we'll figure it out, no problemo." They stopped with an awkward laugh, which was replied with silence.

"Is the boy alive?"

"Yes. He won't be for long, though."

He felt his body stiffen. What's that supposed to mean?

"Okay. Do everything to bring him back to consciousness, then."

"HUH?", the girl said, clearing her throat, "I mean, why not just let him die? It's just a human. Why not report it as collateral damage and call it a day?"

It's like he could hear the woman glare at her, "We're not murderers, Adelaide. That's why. I want him alive, have I made myself clear?"

"Crystal.", the girl, Adelaide, said with a low voice.
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