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Carlos is sent to seal a tunnel.
The Night Run

Carlos Derbie took his hard hat off as he entered the boss’ office.

“You wanted to see me?” he said.

“Yes, Derbie. I’ve got a special assignment for you. The powers that be have decided that old tunnel needs to be put out of commission permanently. After all, the last train went through it fifty years ago.”

“How do they want it done?”

“They’ve allocated enough brick and mortar to do it. You need to get started today as I can only spare you for a week.”

“A week? That’s a lot of work for one man to do by hand!”

“You’ll get OT, since they want it done sooner rather than later. Get going!”

Carlos needed the job since his in-laws were moving in with them permanently. The tunnel in question wasn’t far from the station. It was part of an ancient trestle system that was abandoned these days.

When he arrived, Carlos saw a small cement mixer, power generator, mortar and a tank of water in front of a massive stack of yellow bricks. He hauled his bricklaying equipment out and set to work making mortar.

It was nearly dark when he got half-finished. Just as he was about to call it a day, he heard a steam whistle. Frozen by fear, Carlos realized the rumors he’d heard about the last train must be true! It was said that it wrecked inside the tunnel, killing everyone aboard.

“It’s the Night Run,” Carlos shrieked as the phantom train melted through the bricks and headed for him. As it clacked through him, he got sucked onto the ghost train.

When his wife frantically called his work, his fellow crewmembers went to the tunnel. All they found was the abandoned equipment and a hard hat bearing Carlos’ name.
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