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Money Talks for Daily Flash
Money Talks

Big Daddy, Sam Adams, and Jake Lee, three old CIA spooks found themselves retired in Bangkok, Thailand, and got together to go out for a night on the town. Big Daddy was a big ex-football player from the University of Arkansas and the Dallas Cowboys. He had joined the agency when his professional career ended due to a football injury, a concussion that caused him to suddenly be able to learn languages, and soon he was fluent in 20 different languages, a fact that led to the agency hiring him.
Sam Adams found himself in the agency’s basic training facility, ‘the farm” with Big Daddy and Jake Lee. Sam had gotten into the agency because well, he had a pan-ethnic look and could pass for almost anyone in the world. He, too, had a knack for languages.

Jake Lee got in because the agency had to hire more Asian Americans, and he had distant relatives in North Korea and was a genius at computer hacking.
The three of them excelled and kept in touch and found themselves in Bangkok on that Friday night, Big Daddy told them that he was in the market for buying a club in Soi Cowboy.The club would be their headquarters for their various illicit enterprises, including covert stuff they continued to do for the company.

When they got to the Cosmos Club the manager, a tough old woman named Kuhn Lek took one look at the motley crew and said

“Sorry, we are closed”

Big Daddy pointed out that the club had a lot of patrons still in it. She smiled and said,

“Private party and you are on the invite list.”

Big Daddy slipped her 500 dollars, and she said smiled,

“Money talks, Welcome to paradise my new best friends.”
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