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An unknown memory. Lost, yet, not forgotten.
The light of a new day was approaching.
Where am I?
I looked around and noticed I had walked all night on an unknown highway. In the middle of the night a dog decided to join me. At first, I picked up a branch and tried to toss it. I wanted the dog to go away, but it refused. After that, I named it Kyle. It was an all-black Shepard with blue eyes. I looked down at Kyle with a tight smile.
“You don’t want to be with me. I am no good.”
Kyle looked up at me, whined in protest, licked my hand and continued to walk with me.
“You wouldn’t want to be with me after what I did last night.”
Kyle barked.
“I was out of my mind. I just lost it.”
My words trailed off as I thought of last night. I frowned. I could not remember. It was all blur. All I could remember was the anger and then suddenly it all turned red. I shook my head in concern.
“What happened last night?” I asked out loud.
Kyle began to bark as if responding but mostly because it attempted to warn me of something behind me. I turned and my mouth dropped. I realized then, that it was not the light of a new day. The sky was lit by fire. I scoffed and rolled my eyes. I wondered if I had started it.
They deserved it!
I felt the anger rise. It may all be a blur but I knew I was the cause. I was suddenly pleased. I continued my evening walk as I heard sirens blare from a distance.

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