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Rated: E · Fiction · Crime/Gangster · #2275918
Big Daddy's Dog Light for Writers Cramp
Big Daddy's Dog Light

Big Daddy was lounging at his club, the Cosmos Club in Bangkok. The whole motley international crew was there as usual. Everyone loved Big Daddy who was an ex-college football player for the University of Arkansas and played for the Dallas Cowboys until an injury ended his career. The concussion that ended his playing career caused him to be able to speak 25 languages. He was soon recruited by the agency who sent him around the world. He specialized in “wet work”. He was forced to retire by the agency, and opened up a branch office in Bangkok where he continued to do odd jobs for the agency. He opened the bar to provide a hangout for himself and his friends.

One day his best friend Sam Adams arrived with a birthday present for Big Daddy, a huge black Labrador who quickly became the hit of the bar. Everyone in town came to the bar to play with the dog Sam called “Light” in a wry reference to his dark color.

They sat up a dog house out back of the bar where Light played with branches of the monkey trees in the back garden chasing imaginary animals around the bar much to the amusement of the drinkers.

But the dog, Light, had a darker side to his nature. He knew evil when it walked by and he would growl and let Big Daddy know that the evil ones had arrived to cause mischief. Big Daddy loved his dog, Light.
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