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by Misty
Rated: E · Poetry · Other · #2275922
take out of this poem what you think it means to you
late at night
the moon comes out
winding winds the sound
drowns out
i cant hear
what needs to be heard
the whispering silence
from the birds
i see you here
i see you there
as you draw near
i turn to go
and you say stay
a creepy mist
you appear
the darkness
rises and the sun falls down
a cold bitten frost
in a dark dark town
what am i doing
what can i see
my eye lids torn
i peire through thee
turning tornados
a blizzard from the past
what was i doing
i thought i might ask
my brain draws blank
as thoughts turn in
a muffled sound
wakes the town
as light peaks in
it is no longer night
what dream was this
a terror bliss
an awful nightmare
did appear
something happen
it was clear
my night seemd long
as time flew by
i have woken
by the sky
the blue sky sings
a joyess song
remeber those nightmares
dont last to long
dream away
sleep tight and say
be gone you nightmares
be gone for good
because theres only room
for the good.
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