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A short answer of Midterm of Western Literature.
Which god in Greek and Roman mythology impressed you most? Why? Please take one text for example.

1. I think “Prometheus” is the most impressive god in Greek and Roman mythology for two reasons: his spirit of courage and exploration.

2. Once upon time, there was no fire on the ground. Humanity was suffering under the monsters, disease, flood and death. However, there’s no gods to help these poor people. At this time, Prometheus decided to steal fire from Apollo and give it to humanity, despite knowing be punished severely by Zeus. When faced with power as well as punishment, most people choose to obey and be silent, but Prometheus chooses to disobey the rule to save us. That courage is worth respecting.

With the fire people can “explore” places where we haven't been. In the movie “Prometheus'' by Ridley Scott. From the name of movies to spacecraft shows the curiosity of discovery. Background set at the end of the 21st century, scientists travel to outer space finding the origins of mankind. Based on star maps found in various ancient civilisations. Unfortunately when they reach a remote planet, they realize a threat that could lead humanity to extinction. It also reflects the destiny of Prometheus.

3. In my opinion. Since Prometheus gives us fire to defeat monsters, wash away fear and light the way to civilization. It also gives us the courage to explore. Just like the Hubble telescope, although it meets loads of barriers at first, it captuer over 1.4 million photos such as the Hubble deep field, pillars of creation and expands our understanding.
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