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A nanny tells a little girl about what happens to bad little kids. (for the WWC contest)
1008 words

"Child!" Nanny Griselda shouted at little Kate as she ran around in circles with a ball. "Control yourself!" The nanny did not want to move from her rocking chair. She didn't feel like chasing the little brat around. The girl could destroy the whole basement, also referred to as the "playroom".

The child wouldn't stop. She was still throwing the ball against the wall while screaming and laughing. So far, the ball has knocked down picture frames and hit the nanny twice. By the third hit, the nanny had the last straw. She rose from her chair and grabbed the screaming child who resulted in squirming.

"Hush," the nanny hissed. "Hush!"

Nanny Griselda carried little Kate upstairs to her room. As she placed her onto her bed, the child jumped back up and tried running out of the room, but Nanny Griselda blocked her. She grabbed the girl's scrawny little arms and pushed her back onto the bed.

"You will listen to what I say!" she barked. "Or else."

"Or else what?" Kate taunted.

"Just lie down. I have a story to tell you."

With some hesitation, Kate finally did as she was told.

The nanny leaned in and stared at the child with her pitch-black eyes. "Now, listen closely, my child! What I am about to tell you will change your behavior forever. Once in the 1700's, there was a little boy named Jimmy. His parents left him with a sweet little babysitter. She was so kind that Jimmy decided to take advantage of her. Whatever she told him to do, Jimmy did the opposite. When she asked him to clean up his room, he messed it up even more. When she told him to do his homework, he just scribbled all over it. When she told him to go to bed, he just bounced on it. She didn't know what to do so she decided to hide in the closet until his reign of terror ended.

"Little did the babysitter know, the house was broken into. But she did not hear it because it was so quiet. She then noticed that something else grew quiet. The child himself. Cautiously, she came out of the closet, and before she could turn around, she was being grabbed and eaten!"

"Eaten by what?" Kate gasped.

"Patience," Nanny Griselda said. "I'm getting there. The creature was huge and dark. It looked like a shadowy blob. However, it shaped like a human woman. A nanny perhaps. After finishing up the babysitter, the creature floated upstairs to eat Jimmy. When the parents came home to find that the babysitter and their little boy were gone. They were crushed when finding out about the truth. The news spread around and revealed that the creature was named Nanny Demonica Shadowwalker. She would prowl around finding naughty children to devour. If they even talked back to the adult, or even rolled their eyes, Nanny Demonica would notice it. She won't break in by smashing the door open. She will be very quiet. You will not notice her at all. So beware, child!"

Kate shook in her boots. She did not want to be eaten.

"You promise to behave, my dear?" Nanny Griselda asked, smiling

"I-I promise," she said.

"Good." The nanny patted the child on the head. "Go to sleep now."

Kate laid back, struggling to close her eyes. As soon as the child fell asleep, Nanny Griselda left the room, then chuckled to herself. "Silly child."


Suddenly, when she heard a noise, Kate snapped her eyes open. She climbed out of bed and grabbed one of her stuffed bears as a shield. As she noticed a tall shadow approaching, she prepared to strike.

The footsteps came closer and closer. Then...

WHACK! The bear hit the figure's face.

But it wasn't the monster from the story. It was Nanny Griselda.

"For heaven sake's, child!" she snarled. "What did you think a stuffed toy would do to me? Choke me with stuffing?"

"Sorry, Nanny Griselda," Kate said. "I thought you were..." She gulped. "...the other nanny."

"Sit, child."

Kate obeyed. The nanny joined her.

"I made the story up. I wanted you to behave. I was too a bad child at your age. My parents would tell me that story all the time. About this so-called 'Demonica Shadowwalker'. I would run around and break things. I would talk back to my Mumsy and Papsy. I would torture my siblings by breaking their playthings and pouring garlic powder in their eyeballs."

"Why garlic powder?"

"Because it would hurt their eyes. We no longer speak with each other and Mumsy and Papsy want nothing to do with me."

"So, the scary nanny's not real?"

"Of course not. I just wanted you to behave, that's all. But you are not the only one I've told this story to. I've told it to countless children to teach them a lesson." Nanny then chortled. "And it worked."

"But that's lying. And lying is bad!"

Nanny Griselda crossed her arms. "So is disobeying your nanny."

Kate looked down in shame. "I just want to have fun," she said softly. "But you won't let me."

"What kind of fun? Playing in the mud and getting scratched? Oh, no, no, no. That won't do."

"But that's fun. What did you do for fun as a kid?"

"Hmm. Let's see. I watered the garden, polished Mumsy's shoes, fed the pigs-"

"But Nanny Griselda, none of that's fun."

"Maybe not to you, but I had tons of fun."

Kate wrinkled her nose. That lady must've been a sad kid.

"Anyway, the reason why I have decided to confess to you that the story is a myth is that I have been haunted with the thought of my parents using this story to manipulate me. And I have done that to other children, including you. I just want to apologize for that and I won't do that again. Just promise me you'll behave."

Kate thought for a moment. "I will."

"Good. Now go to sleep."

Prompt: Boogeyman
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