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A school anniversary celebration goes horribly wrong.
Title:Â Those Troublemakers
Category: Fiction Humor
Author: Shadowgate
Language: English, Rating: Rated: T
Genre: Humor/Drama
Published: 08-20-15, Updated: 08-20-15
Chapters: 1, Words: 2,680

Chapter 1: Chapter 1

Those Troublemakers
By Shadowgate
Edward Taft High School of Dallas Texas was now 20 years old. The principal Mel Edwards was preparing for the celebration and morning announcements. There were three 11'Th grade journalism students that would be in charge of reporting wonderful daily activities.
Mister Edwards had the three journalism students in his office.
Michael Dane
Byron Donahue
Terry Banks
"Alright the three of you shall be responsible for photographing and writing articles on all the great stuff that happens today."
The main office phone rang. Principal Edwards picked up the phone to answer it. While he was on the phone Michael entered the smaller principal's office.
The cellphone on Mister Edwards's desk inside his own personal office within the office had a message from a student who took a trip to France on behalf of the school district.
However Michael changed the message on the principal's cell phone to another voice mail that he knew was a dirty one. After doing that he put the whoopee cushion under the principal's seat cushion.
He came back out quietly said to the others "we're lucky that phone call came in."
The other two giggled. 30 seconds later the principal got off the phone and he sent the three boys out with permanent hall passes that were approved by him.
After that Principal Edwards got on the intercom and said "good morning teachers and students" and then he sat down and the whoopee cushion made the noise it was supposed to.
"Oh dear teachers and students I am having major gas this morning."
The students were all laughing so loud and Mister Edwards knew he had to stop the announcements.
"Attention teachers and students I will now finish the morning announcements. As you know today is our 20'Th anniversary. To start off with our celebration I will now play a voice mail I got from one of our students who went to Paris and her name is Hannah Wood and she's in tenth grade. I will now play the voice mail I got from her."
The voice mail was not that of a female, a man's voice was heard over the intercom saying "Mister Smith pulls his pants down and jacks off in front of his secretary every morning."
The principal stopped the voice mail and shouted "that was the wrong message!"
The principal hung up the intercom and the students started laughing their asses off. Most of the teachers were very offended and all of them did their best to get the kids to quiet down.
20 minutes later Geometry Teacher Cindy Rash was called to the office since she did not have a first period class. The principal explained to her what happened and printed out several letters to distribute to all of the teachers.
At 9:05 AM Principal Edwards called the three journalism students along with the journalism teacher Betty Black and an English Teacher Edna Cohen.
Mister Edwards said "okay I had my secretary page the two janitors now. When they get here I'll have them move a big table out of the supply room and we'll put up our display."
Byron said "let's just hope nothing else goes wrong today."
Terry and Michael had big grins on their faces.
Mister Edwards replied "yes let's hope not."
The two janitors Jose Martinez and Fernando Pero arrived.
Jose said "hello Mister Edwards."
Mister Edwards said "hello" to both janitors and then he sent them with the English teacher to the supply room. When Mrs. Cohen put her hand on the supply room doorknob which was a lever that went downward to open she said "oh no there's peanut butter behind the lever."
The two janitors started laughing.
"It's not funny" Mrs. Cohen snapped.
Jose said "we'll clean it up."
Mrs. Cohen went to wash her hands and Jose cleaned the peanut butter off the back of the door lever.
When she got back she saw the Principal along with Mrs. Black and the three journalism students with the janitors.
Mister Edwards asked "is there a problem?"
Mrs. Cohen answered "there was peanut butter on the door handle and we had to clean it off. I had to wash my hand."
Mister Edwards gave Mrs. Cohen a strange look and the two janitors laughed.
Mrs. Cohen said "it's not funny you idiots."
Mister Edwards said "Mrs. Cohen that was very unprofessional. Now I suggest you open the door immediately."
When Mrs. Cohen unlocked the door and opened it she saw a picture of a clown sitting on the desk.
Mrs. Cohen asked "why is there a picture of a clown on the desk?"
Jose said "I thought that was a picture of your mother."
Mrs. Cohen yelled "fuck off you dirty fucking spic!"
The three Journalism students yelled "whoa!"
The principal fired both the janitor and Mrs. Cohen for unprofessional behavior.
Byron Donahue got everything on his cellphone but Mister Edwards gave the three journalism students direct orders not to put this event in the 20th anniversary school newspaper.
A letter would be sent out to parents about the incident considering two classrooms full of students nearby heard Mrs. Cohen scream.
Cindy Rash is a geometry teacher and has been one at Taft High School for six years. Today she would be giving her students a scheduled test.
When she entered her classroom she said "alright students today is the day of the test."
Raymond Hillary stood up and said "it's also a day of our anniversary."
Mrs. Rash looked at Raymond funny and Raymond said "the school's anniversary not our anniversary as we're not married."
Mrs. Rash said "I'll say we're not."
As Mrs. Rash got the tests out of her desk drawer a loud fart sound was heard.
Megan Court yelled "Cory Bell you farted on me you son of a bitch."
The class laughed hysterically and said "ewe."
Mrs. Rash said "Alright now look I'm having a test today Cory and if I have any problems with you I'll send you to the principal's office."
Raymond said "oh don't send him to the principal's office or the principal will fart on him like he did this morning."
The whole class busted out with laughter.
Then that's when Mrs. Rash said "alright now class I want to read you a letter that was typed up by the principal's secretary and copies were made for all teachers. I was called over the intercom during first period to come and get those letters and distribute them to the teachers.
The letter stated;
'Dear Teachers, during the morning announcements a whoopee cushion was placed under my seat. I have no idea who did it but when I find out they will be in trouble. The reason I said I had gas was to cover up for the prank. Furthermore the phone call I got on my cellphone which was obscene was from someone I don't know and unfortunately we all get prank calls. That is all for now."
Mrs. Rash said "so kids now you know what happened."
Raymond yelled out "until now no teacher read that letter in your hand until now. At least not that I remember. It's now 4'Th period and I know of no teacher who got that letter until now. Does anyone have a first, second, or third period teacher who read a letter like that one?"
All the kids in the class said "no."
Raymond said "that proves you Mrs. Rash put the whoopee cushion under the principal's chair."
Mrs. Rash said "this letter does not prove I did it and just because I happen to be the first teacher to inform you of the principal's letter does not prove I did it."
Raymond said "why don't you just admit you did it for the sake of your conscience?"
Mrs. Rash asked "how about I send you to the principal's office for the sake of my sanity."
The class laughed.
Mrs. Rash handed out the tests and there was a knock on the door. She opened the door and saw it was Byron Donahue.
Mrs. Rash said "Byron I see you're one of the three journalism students writing about the school's anniversary."
Byron said "yes that's right and as I was passing by your class and I heard a student say he had proof you planted a whoopee cushion under the principal's chair this morning."
Mrs. Rash said "well he's full of shit!"
Mrs. Rash quickly covered her mouth.
The class began laughing and cheering but Raymond was pissed off. Mrs. Rash told the class "silence!"
Byron said "well I won't put what you said in the school newspaper. We already had an incident earlier where a teacher was fired for racist and vulgar language."
Adnon asked "what happened, who was the teacher?"
Mrs. Rash said "never mind who it was it's time for the test."
Byron said "I along with Michael Dane and Terry Banks were informed by the principal that someone put a whoopee cushion under his chair this morning and it really wasn't gas. The principal wants to know who did it."
Raymond yelled "Mrs. Rash did it because she's the only one who knew about it. Do you know of any other teacher that got a letter regarding the incident?"
Byron said "yes letters were sent out to teachers about the incident."
Mrs. Rash said "see there you have it Raymond and if I hear one more word out of your mouth you're going to the principal."
Megan Court yelled "Cory farted on me so he should go to the principal!"
Byron said "oh no" and the class laughed.
Mrs. Rash said "Everyone quiet down!"
Mrs. Rash told Byron he'd have to leave and then Cory stood up and said "why don't you send Megan to the principal's office for being disruptive?"
Adnon jumped in before the teacher could answer and said "because what if Mister Smith is in the principal's office? He'll pull his pants down and jack off in front of her!"
The class started laughing hysterically.
Mrs. Rash started banging on the wall trying to get them to calm down.
After five minutes of laughing Adnon said "hey Megan is good in geometry so she could measure Mister Smith at an angle."
The students started laughing really hard.
Mrs. Rash yelled "Goddamn it all you shut the fuck up! For the life of me I can't believe any of you would be stupid enough to think a teacher was the one who put that whoopee cushion under the principal's seat cushion. The comments being made are fucking inappropriate and now it's time for a geometry test!"
Rebecca Bone was an algebra teacher and had been teaching at Taft High School for three years.
Unfortunately Mrs. Bone didn't know that at 1:45 PM two men entered the school and their names were Michael Bar and James Trump. They had suitcases and a gift wrapped present.
They talked to a teacher when they entered the building and told her they were delivering gifts for the school's anniversary. She pointed them out to the main office and James wanted to know where the restroom was. She pointed them in that direction as well.
They both entered the restroom and changed into their costumes. James changed into an Elmo costume and Michael changed into a clown costume.
Mrs. Bone started up her Algebra lesson for the day.
At 2:15 PM Michael Bar opened the door and threw a pie in her face. James turned on a big radio and then Michael hit the light switch.
Anthrax and Public Enemy's hit Bring the Noise blasted through the classroom and Mrs. Bone screamed. Right after Mrs. Bone screamed the two men ran away and got out the door quickly.
Principal Edwards along with the three assigned journalism students and Mrs. Black rushed to the classroom to investigate.
After they did the Principal was very upset about what happened. He never found out who the men were or the fact they had an interaction with a teacher who told them where the restroom was. They also had no idea Michael Bar was Byron's uncle. They had no idea that James Trump who was not only a friend of Byron's uncle was responsible for the obscene message left on the principal's cell phone.
3:15 PM
The school buses were loaded with students and as they were leaving the school one student threw an egg out the window and it cracked when it hit another student in the head. The bus driver noticed and slammed on the breaks. Another school bus rammed into the back of that one.
The police and an ambulance were called.
The 20'Th anniversary school newspaper had the following list of articles on the front page.
A Teacher Was Fired For Racist Vulgar Language.
A Teacher Stands Accused Of Pranking the Principal
An Algebra Teacher Was Attacked
Flying Egg Causes Bus Accident
The principal wasn't happy about these articles being in the 20'Th anniversary school newspaper but he had no choice.
These events were too exciting not to print.
The next day at school appeared to be just another day.
The principal allowed three honor roll students to do the morning announcements.
"Attention teachers and students my name is Edward Barman and I'm in ninth grade."
"My name is James Dyke and I'm in ninth grade."
"My name is Keisha Wayne and I'm in ninth grade, back to you Edward."
Edward began speaking "today we are pleased to announce that SAT Scores are in so if you want to know your score go on the school webpage and you can access it there. We are also pleased to announce the school dance will be held this Saturday at the Bill Ward Stadium. Oh but it's also important that we inform you no twerking will be allowed at this dance whatsoever."
Keisha got on the intercom and said "that means you Principal Edwards. I don't care if you are the school principal you can't twerk."
James got on the intercom and said "the rule is the rule Mister Edwards. No twerking even though you wanted to and you think you should be entitled to because you're the principal."
The three students all started laughing as did every student in the school. The teachers in all the classrooms gave the students dirty looks.
After they finished the morning announcements and came out of the principal's office and the Principal's Secretary Gloria Crenshaw was very pissed off.
She said "The principal does not twerk!"
Edward said "we know we were just having some fun."
Mrs. Crenshaw said "you think it's okay to do something like that on the morning announcements? What on Earth makes you think so? I don't care if you three are honor roll students! Oh I hope all three of you get expelled. I am furious. The school principal does not twerk."
Keisha cut in and said "I don't think he'll expel us for that."
Mrs. Crenshaw snapped "the school principal does not twerk young lady."
Keisha said "you said that three times already."
Mrs. Crenshaw said "I'll say it again the principal does not twerk."
The principal walked in the office and said "don't be too hard on the kids for having a little fun. Last weekend you were twerking at my house."
Mrs. Crenshaw was shocked that he would expose that in front of anyone, particularly students. All three honor roll students had the brightest smiles on their faces.
"Principal Edwards I can't believe you said that in front of them."
The principal replied "well it's true and we had a great time."
Keisha commented "you're a hypocrite Mrs. Crenshaw."
Mrs. Crenshaw was infuriated and she yelled "AHHHHHHHHHHHH!"
The honor students walked back to class and Mrs. Crenshaw well she felt much dishonored but that's how hypocrites deserve to feel.
As they walked back to their classroom James Dyke said "remember now the principal does not twerk."
The kids started laughing.

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