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Rated: 13+ · Poetry · Death · #2276121
the Madman with the Gun Stares Out at Us for Poet's Place

After every incident
Of mass gun violence
In the U.S.

And sadly around the world
But not as much
As the US the mass murder capital of the world

We are number one in gun murders
Because we have so many guns
25% of the world’s guns

Pictures emerge
Of the killers
Almost always white men

Who stare out at you
With soulless dead eyes
Filled with hate, fear
And shear madness.

With the thousand-year stare
Of the madman
Who only hears
The voices in his head
Screaming kill them all
Kill them all.

And as always
They usually legally bought
The guns.

This case was a bit different
The gun man briefly had his guns
Taken away from him
And his 60 knives as well

But the red flag law
Is not a permanent ban
As it should be

And so he was able
To re-arm himself
With the best weapons
In the world
At a very affordable price

And so he lost
Down the rabbit hole
Of insanity and probably drugs
Went out determined to kill
As many people as he could
And he did.

And that is just the way
It is in this day and age
Of America
The land of the free
Home of the brave
And 400 million guns.

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