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by Norman
Rated: E · Poetry · Cultural · #2276123
We need to know that we can go back home.
Everybody has to come from somewhere.
Yes, there’s a place we think of as our home.
When we are on a journey,
no matter where we roam,
we need to know that we can go back home.

         For home is where the heart is.
         It’s where we feel secure.
         It’s where we lay our heads down.
         But really something more.

To me a home is more that just a dwelling.
Whether living in a teepee or a dome.
It may not be a mansion,
it may be all we own,
but we still need to know we can go home.

         Our home is where we feel safe.
         It’s where we want to be.
         When life is overwhelming,
         it’s where we can be free.

You’re lucky if there’s someone waiting for you,
someone that you would always wait for too.
For that’s the home you long for,
with someone who is true.
Someone who shares their hopes and dreams with you.

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