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by sopaw
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The encounter of a strange woman
By Bert A. Haagenstad May 1st 2022

A door opens or a breeze stirs. Like breath of spring the aroma fills my senses. She is near. Do I know her or is she new to me? I drink in the scent, I close my eyes as if to increase the pleasure of the scent by blocking my vision. Without a doubt she has touched me, has awaken a private instinct in me to seek her out. After the first experience I open my eyes to search her out. To find the beauty to match the scent. I look about hunting like wild animal in search of his prey. I study each image before me. I test my abilities to match the scent to its owner.
I let out a shy of relief, I smile as I find the source of the very target of my search. I see, I feel the vibrations of desire overwhelm me with pleasure. You are both familiar for I dreamed of you for ages, you are new for your beauty is greater then it just a moment before. I reach out, I touch, you turn, we smile, we embrace. We share the scent of a woman.
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