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by sopaw
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A reflection of the sadness of war for us all.
Children Of War

By Bert Haagenstad May 10 2022

A sad fact, we are all children of war. For none of us can claim we were born, lived or died in a time of real peace. Our country may not have been at war, but some where a battle was being wagged. Somewhere people were pointing a finger at their neighbors. They threatened harm. They felt they were right and everyone else was wrong. Turf wars to claim land or a single hill. A treaty was trashed because someone found it easier to get rich off of war then peace. It saddens me to look around me and see the devastation we cause in the name of a religion simply because the person next to them doesn’t agree about which savior is real or the better.
For one second close your eyes and imagine what a day without war anywhere it our world would be like. We can’t imagine because we have no reference to guide us, no example to go by.
Look at the billions of lives that have been lost to the wars! What if one of those lost souls could have found the cure for Cancer, for Alzheimer’s for the common cold? But because we couldn’t get along the cure will go unfound. How many will suffer from these diseases and more because that person was killed unnecessarily?
We are children of war! What a horrible thought that is. What a complete waste of time, of lives, of energy. I don’t mean to minimize the bravery of our men and women. I totally respect them. I just know there has to be a better answer.
Perhaps I am not the person to ask these deep questions but if not me then who?
If we all ask these questions we may find an answer.
What I wouldn’t give not to be a child or war.
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