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Prompt: Describe your first experience at a concert.
Prompt: Describe your first experience at a concert.

My first experience was on a Hot August night in 2005, when my then girlfriend, now wife went to Las Vegas Nevada to the Hilton Casino for a concert. She had come up from Phoenix that weekend to see me, engaged with each other in a typical Boyfriend, girlfriend relationship of City boy from California to an Arizona Woman. We met online via the chat room on Yahoo Messenger, in the Phoenix Chat room. I had just come back from the Navy and Oregon where I had been living when I got home.

When she said she was going to buy the tickets I was skeptical at first. Most of the concerts in Vegas are usually flashy and overpriced garbage. Example it is one hundred and twenty five dollars to see Barry Manilow in concert and he plays only a couple of hours of his limited greatest hits and that’s it. We happened to go see Kenny G while he was in concert at the Hilton.

The Hilton is large and sits off east two blocks of Circus, Circus Casino of Las Vegas and is home to Quarks’ Bar and Grill and the Star Trek Experience, which at that time was the popular attraction visiting the Hilton.

We left Mesquite, NV, which is seventy-nine miles East of Vegas, and an hour away. We left at six o’clock and made it to Vegas at Seven showing, a half hour for the seven-thirty showing. As we approached the Hilton, having got lost in Vegas trying to find the hotel in the first place, we finally arrived at the parking lot and rushed inside to just make the show.

We had ringside seats on the balcony level, costing us only 150 US Dollars for both tickets, and as we sat waiting for the show to start, we took in the unique sights of the ballroom we sat in. It is setup as an old style theater with balcony seats above, near the projector Room with seats lining the bottom with a center island that runs in the exact center, splitting them and toward the stage. It is decorated old school as well, with velvet material and hangings. The stage was circular, and there are two turrets on either side of it, for sound devices.

As we sat there and the show began there was no-one on the stage, and the music started. The song he started with was Silhouette, and we could hear him but not see him. A moment later, he was behind us, as he made his way through the audience playing his sax for the people listening. As he made his way around the stage he took pictures with the people, and then made his way to the bottom floor he cycled through the audience as he made his way to stage. By the time he arrived his band was on the stage and they stared playing along with him.

The whole concert lasted four to five hours, and in between he would talk to the audience, giving inside of his playing to his fans. For instance the long C note or high note he performs. As he exhales he inhales through his nose to keep the constant C note. He also played duet with a couple of players outside his band, and they were very well done.

Overall, I thought the concert was fantastic overall, for the cost for the whole thing, and the seats the front row in the balcony. We had a clear view of the stage, and actually got to speak with him after the concert. He is one heck of a performer, and worth any money to see him live in concert.

Hence it ended my first experience with a concert. Even-though when I was younger, I participated in concerts at Mayfield Mall before its closure as a mall in Mountain View, CA. It is where my older brother performed playing as an organist for the Yamaha Conn Store that was located there.

But that’s another story.

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