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The final thoughts of a fox
Once a trickster and cunning,
I've failed in majesty.
Stolen, tricked, bamboozled.
Again and again,
Trancing over the woods
My sly words falling through the trees
And misfortune echoing back.

I wouldn't say I was a ruler.
My paw wasn't over the forest.
But yet I held my head up high,
With my reddish dignity

And I wasn't the scum of the woodlands.
Like the mischievous, malevolent moles.
I had my own principles:
Of honor,
Of style,
Of integrity.

But most of all
I lived the life of a fox
I lived a fun life and had fun times
I lived an enjoyable couple years
for tails and tales

Perhaps that's why,
Lying dying on the forest floor,
The reaper waiting for the clock to clang,
My friends sit around me
And talk about the funny things I did.
So I can give,
One last,

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