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Part 3 of the story
The story takes place years after Naruto and Hinata’s wedding. Shikamaru and Temari have their “Boruto” appearances and Shikadai is still young.

Temari: Have a nice day!

Shikadai: Yeah yeah…

Temari: Hey!!! (What a snotty nosed brat…)

Shikamaru: I’m home…

Temari: What?! You’re back so early! It hasn’t even been 30 minutes since you left!

Shikamaru: Naruto told me to go home and “have fun with your wife.” Not sure what he meant but okay….

Temari: I think he meant for us to have some alone time.

Shikamaru: Yeah. Shikadai isn’t here. He just left didn’t he?

Temari: Yeah.

Shikamaru: We’ll then, I’ll go to bed now.

Temari: What?! Come on!! At least spend some time with me!

Shikamaru: …..

Temari: So you’re just not gonna say anything…

Temari: That’s it! *Runs over to him and tackles him*

Shikamaru: Ahhh!!!!!

Temari: I’ll make you spend time with me!!

Shikamaru: Why do you want to be with me so much?!

Temari: B-because…. It was lonely without you….

Shikamaru: (Uh oh… she’s too cute…)

Temari: A-and we’re husband and wife now…..

Shikamaru: So you’ve been wanting to do “it” this entire time?! Why didn’t you just ask me?! It’s such a drag now.

Temari: W-well…. You were busy and I didn’t want to bother you…

Temari: I would have erections day and night… I just wanted-

Shikamaru: Okay okay…. I’ll do it.

Temari: I’m pouring my heart out here! At least listen to what I’m saying!!!

Shikamaru: It would be a drag to.

Temari: *Tearing up* You!-

Shikamaru: *Hugs her* Look. I’m sorry for making you feel lonely. It’s a drag but… I’ll let you do it as much as you want today.

Temari: *Hugs him back* Idiot!!

Temari: *After hugging for a while*

Temari: *Breaks hug and pushes him down*

Temari: It’s been so long since we’ve done it~~~….

Temari: *Takes penis out*

Temari: My penis is so hard right now~~~…. It feels like it’ll explode cause it’s so hard~~~…..

Temari: I have months worth of semen saved~~~…..

Shikamaru: (She’s really into it….)

Temari: *Takes out Shikamaru’s penis*

Temari: Oooh it’s so big~~~~!!!!! I’ve wanted this for so long~~~~!!!!

Shikamaru: *Gets erection*

Temari: *Notices and smirks*

Temari: *Crawls up to Shikamaru and kisses him*

Temari: Mmmmmmhh~~~~~~…….

Temari: *Uses tongue*

Temari: Mmmmmhhhhooohh~~~~~!!!!!!

Temari: *Breaks kiss* haaaahh~~~~!!!!

Temari: That’s it~~…. I can’t stand it anymore~~~!!!

Temari: *Positions herself onto Shikamaru*

Shikamaru: I’m gonna put it in…

Temari: *Grabs Shikamaru’s hands* Hurry up and put it in my ass~~~!!!!

Shikamaru: Alright alright….

Shikamaru: *Slowly slides it in*

Temari: *Blushes* Oooooooooh~~~~…….

Shikamaru: *All the way in*

Temari: Mmmhhooohh~~~~……

Temari: It feels sooo gooood~~~~~!!!!!!

Temari: *Penis twitching and leaking*

Temari: (He only put it in and I’m going crazy… at this rate I’ll cum in seconds!)

Shikamaru: We should’ve taken our clothes off…

Temari: Ooooh~~~~….. *Tries to talk but cant*

Shikamaru: (She’s going crazy right now…)

Shikamaru: I’m gonna start moving…

Temari: Nnhhooohh~~~~…. W-wait~~~!!!

Shikamaru: *Pierces her prostate*

Temari: *Gets hit with wave of pleasure*

Temari: *Clenches Shikamaru’s hands*

Temari: NNNNNNNNGGGGGGHHHHHHHH~~~~~~~~~!!!!!!!!!!!

Temari: *Semens explodes onto Shikamaru’s chest*

Temari: NNNNNNGGGGAAAAAAHHHHHHH~~~~~~~!!!!!!!!!!

Temari: *Boobs bounce up and down*

Temari: *Penis sways side to side*

Temari: *Unconsciously moves hips up and down*

Temari: OOOOOOOOHHHHH~~~~~~!!! I C-CANT STOP CUMMMMIINGGGGGG~~~~~~!!!!! *Drooling*

Temari: (My hips are moving on it’s own~~!!!! I’m gonna pass out from all this pleasure~~~!!!)

Temari: *Losing it* AAAAAHH~~~~!! HAAAAHHH~~~~!!!! NGGHHHHH~~~~!!!!!

Shikamaru: *Pins Temari down*

Temari: AAHHH~~~?!!!

Shikamaru: (She’s way too cute)

Temari: *Blushing while staring at Shikamaru*

Temari: You’re too handsome~~~!!!! I need a kiss~~~!! I need a kiss~~!!!!

Shikamaru: *Kisses her and uses tongue*

Shikamaru: *Starts moving again*

Temari: MMMMMMMMMMH~~~~~~~??!!!!!

Temari: *Muffled* I JUST CAME~~~~~~!!!!!!!!- MMMMHHHHHOOOOOHHH~~~~~~~!!!!!!!!

Shikamaru: *Fondles her big boobs*


Temari: (He’s stimulating three places at once!!!)

Temari: *Muffled* C-C-CUMMING~~~~!!!!!! IM GONNA CUM~~~~!!!!!

Shikamaru: (I didn’t even cum yet…)

Temari: *Breaks kiss and head goes back*


Temari: *Penis bursts with semen and twitches violently*

Temari: *Semen lands all over boobs and stomach*

Temari: *Boobs leak*

Temari: *Hugging Shikamaru* AAAAAH~~~~!! HAAAAH~~~~!!!

Shikamaru: (That felt good…. But damn I’m tired….)

Temari: *Still holding onto Shikamaru*

Temari: *Drooling and panting, chest covered in semen* aaaahh~~~~~……

Temari: T-that was… haaaah~~~~… the best~~~……

Shikamaru: Yeah but can you let go of me?!

Temari: I’ll hold onto you for the rest of my life~~~!!!

Shikamaru: What a drag…

Temari: Why don’t you get it already~~??!!! I love you, you idiot~~~!!!

Shikamaru: I get it… I love you too alright?!!

Temari: *Smiles and kisses Shikamaru*

Temari: My whole chest is covered with semen~~~…. You made me feel so good~~~…..

Shikamaru: We’ll it’s shower time.

Temari: I’m… feeling kinda erotic again~~~…. *Penis rises*

Shikamaru: Look. I’m too tired… Let’s do it next time alright?

Temari: *Pouts* fine…

[In the shower]

Temari: *Washes semen off* I really did cum a lot!… I never expected that I would cum that much though…

Shikamaru: You did save it for months, that’s probably why…

Temari: H-hey Shikamaru….

Shikamaru: Hm?

Temari: *Hugs him from behind while boobs press on his back*

Shikamaru: *Blushes* H-hey!

Temari: I love you~~~….. please don’t ever leave me…

Shikamaru: (What a drag..) *Smiles and sighs* I would never

Temari: *Smiles and rests head on Shikamaru*

Shikamaru: Come on. Let’s dry now.

[Next day at the Hokage office]

Shikamaru: *Smiling*

Naruto: You’re pretty happy today aren’t you?

Shikamaru: Am I?

Naruto: Lemme guess, it’s your wife isn’t it.

Shikamaru: *Sighs* She may be a drag sometimes but I still love her more than anything.

Naruto: Speaking of your wife…

Temari: Shikamaru!!!!!

Temari: *Hugs him from behind*

Shikamaru: *Surprised* Temari?! What are you doing here?!

Naruto: We’ll she told me it was too lonely without you, so I’m letting her visit every once in a while.

Shikamaru: I said I’d be back soon!

Temari: I’m not waiting that long!

Shikamaru: Look I’m busy! I need to do work!

Temari: *Pouts* Fine! *Walks away*

Shikamaru: Wait!

Shikamaru: *Kisses her cheek*

Temari: *Surprised and blushes*

Shikamaru: Ill be back soon alright?

Temari: You better! *Leaves*

Temari: (It’s funny how much my feelings have changed for him since back then…)

Temari: *Walks back home in a really good mood*


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