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I need to be removed from the 9-5 business world, but don't know how

I am stuck in a never ending cycle of being bored with my 9-5 professional life. I want to make a change but I don't know how. I am secure in my position and I'm terrified to make the change that I need to in order to be truly happy.

I want to be in a creative space. I want my art to be seen. How do I make the change without everything in my life crumbling?

Is a change worth it? I want the freedom to be able to create art. I cannot do that now because my time and my mind are focused on the traditional 9-5. That is not what I want.

I want all of my time to be dedicated to creating art. Is this unreasonable? Is this unattainable? Is this false hope? Can I actually do this?

Having the freedom to create art is who I am and it's what I want.
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