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Pinkie Pie sets her sights on the DJ of her fundraiser event and her silky feet.
         One hour before noon, and Pinkie Pie’s event was operating as planned. The 24-year-old worked up a sweat hopping from attraction to attraction. A 40-foot (12-metre) bounce house had hundreds of students springing into the air. Just next to it was a rock wall climbing event, even taller than the bounce house. And on ground level, several other sites awaited eager individuals.

         Though a faint pain lingered in her feet from all the running, she had no plans to disappoint Sweetie Belle, Apple Bloom, or Scootaloo. The three girls, the younger sisters of Pinkie’s friends, got the unrealistic task of hosting a spectacular event with a $600 budget to raise money for the school. A punishment for something vague that they did. What would’ve been a challenge for some 10th graders was a piece of cake for the experienced party-thrower.

         Speak of the devil. Sprinting towards the pink-skinned woman was a teen with a pale complexion. 15-year-old Sweetie Belle flicked sweat off her forehead, hunching over.

         “Our gross?” she panted.

         “Like I said, it’s over 1200 dollars,” Pinkie said. “I got everything wrapped under my little finger. You focus on having fun.”

         “I guess now I can.” Sweetie Belle turned to the bounce house. But before dashing away, she pulled off her black and pink sneakers. Little did the girl know how much Pinkie enjoyed this sight. Even if Sweetie’s feet were hidden under socks, it was better than seeing her in obstructive shoes.

         God, all that running she’s done… Her feet must reek like stale popcorn. Pinkie rubbed the back of her head. Hmm, lemme try this out.

         She grabbed Sweetie’s shoulder. “Socks off. The bounce house gets all quirky when socks are involved. Some science gunk about fabric and static.”

         “Shouldn’t be surprised.” Sweetie lifted her foot back and stripped each sock off. “Gotta remind myself you did this all on the cheap.”

         If one could describe the look of Sweetie’s feet, it would be creamy. Her white skin contributed to this lovely appearance, but her feet always appeared to be made of the sweetest dough. Never did they look too dry nor too unkempt. And her velvet-painted toenails were always a plus in Pinkie’s book.

         She’ll be 18 in a few years, Pinkie reminded herself before shoving Sweetie off for some bouncing fun.

         So far, everything had been going smoothly. Money poured in like a waterfall, every attraction operated correctly, and everyone was having fun with someone else. Well, almost everyone.

         Sitting across the field from Pinkie Pie was one woman. The DJ.


         Elsewhere on the football field, four of Pinkie’s friends chilled underneath a tent’s vast shade. Rarity, Applejack, Twilight Sparkle, and Rainbow Dash. All with a drink in their hands and all having removed their footwear. Except for a certain glasses-wearing individual whose tennis shoes clung to her feet.

         “Why take your shoes off if we’re gonna be moving later?” Twilight asked.

         “You feel that heat out there? There goes your answer,” Applejack said in her southern accent. “Unless you want your shoes smellin’ awful.”

         “Besides,” Rarity added, “it’s not as if I’m setting my feet on the ground.”

         Of course. How could Twilight forget? Rarity’s overly pampered feet had crushed her lap for over 10 minutes.

         Rainbow Dash threw her crushed water bottle away before flexing her joints. “Barefooting’s got its ups, too. Gotta strengthen that arch, right?”

         “I’ll pass,” Twilight said.

         The unengaged scientist wanted nothing more than to return home and trap herself in a thick novel. That would be loads better than suffering at this high school event. At this point, she’d take whatever kind of engagement crossed her path.


         Immediately, the weight on her lap doubled. The cool-haired girl threw her head up to not only see Rarity sitting across from her, but now Applejack.


         Pinkie moved so quickly that the DJ didn’t notice her presence until five seconds later. The shock tossed her out of her chair.

         “What’cha up to?” Pinkie asked, vaulting over the massive table. “OUCH!”

         This girl kicked Pinkie in the shin, then returned to her chair. Thanks to the giant sunglasses covering her eyes, Pinkie had to play a guessing game at what emotion she felt. This DJ’s mouth was as neutral as any ordinary citizen’s.

         Pinkie yanked her left headphone ear off. “Smile!”

         “You mind!?”

         For the first time today, someone reacted to Pinkie Pie with anger. She stood silent, watching as the DJ focused on the massive equipment before her. It seemed like she was married to music more than social interaction.

         “Okay then,” Pinkie said. She dawdled away, whistling as if to dissolve the situation’s awkwardness.

         Jeez, party pooper. Here I am, trying to be friendly with her, and she just blows me off like she doesn’t need any buddies. Well fine! Forget her then!

         On the verge of having her puffy hair deflate, Pinkie closed her eyes and employed a deep breathing technique. One, two… One, two… Something her friend Fluttershy taught her to handle any bubbling frustration.

         Well, you did pull the girl’s headphones off her head, Pinkie. Imagine someone doing that to you out of nowhere. And then you didn’t even apologise. Maybe you should— No, definitely. You’re going to turn your butt around and apologise to her right now, missy.

         Pinkie spun around. There was the DJ, but two feet away from her now. A shrill shriek came from the host’s lips, only subsiding when she remembered her mission. Then, in an incoherent mess resemblant of her occasional drunk nights, Pinkie attempted to apologise to the DJ. “What I’m tryin’ to say is that I’m so, so, so, so, super sorry!”

         The DJ put a hand on her hip, tapping her fingers like she wanted to return to her plastic chair. “Uh-huh… You wanting to chat was nothing. Don’t interrupt me when I’m actively working on the music, though.”

         When Pinkie didn’t follow her, she groaned. “Come on.”

         An embarrassed Pinkie now sat with the girl behind the dubbed “music table”. Nothing here but overcomplicated sound hardware, a large blanket covering the entire table, and a giant cup of cherry cola. The dark liquid slid down the DJ’s throat while Pinkie stared at her. She’d seen this girl before, even when she attended this high school. But rarely did she pay much attention to her.

         The girl had this vibrant blue and teal hair, and her skin was slightly yellowish compared to Sweetie Belle’s. In Pinkie’s eyes, she had average looks. However, the DJ earned a few extra points from her fine set of breasts. They dwarfed any of Pinkie’s other close friends by a country mile.

         You could balance a glass of lemonade on her rack, she thought.

         She quickly converted that thought into words. “You got a boyfriend? If so, he must motorboat the heck out of those boobies.”

         The DJ’s jaw dropped. “N-No. But, thank you?”

         “I mean, I’d bury my face in them if you wanted.”

         “Nah, I’ll pass.” Her muscles tightened when she felt Pinkie’s chair touch hers. The women were now up on each other.

         Pinkie squinted her eyes. “Don’t tell me you’re one of those girls. The ones who refuse to have sex before marriage, pretend they never want sex, or hate all sorts of kinky discussions. Are you a weirdo, Miss…”

         “Vinyl Scratch.” She backed up from Pinkie, pulling her legs from under the table. “And show some decency. We’re at a friggin’ high school.”

         Clank! Clank!

         Two feet slammed onto a small space on the table, toes flexing and all. As far as Pinkie was concerned, these two were locked away in a private hotel room. Not hosting a high school event where over 200 people could witness them at any point. Vinyl Scratch boasted some long toenails. Those blue-painted monsters could poke somebody’s eye out if she weren’t careful. Or if Pinkie weren’t careful.

         If boobs are too naughty for her to talk about, Pinkie scooched closer again, we’ll talk about her feet.

         “You always keep your nails that long?”

         “More or less.” Vinyl crossed her legs again. “Because you keep them too short and they start to hurt.”

         Pinkie let out a chuckle. “That’s why you’re not meant to cut them super short.”

         “How about I won’t risk it at all, and I’ll always keep my nails medium or longer?”

         “Whatever floats your boat,” Pinkie said, now feeling her blood pressure rise as Vinyl’s toes curled. What the pink girl wouldn’t give to have those babies swimming in her saliva…

         As if Heaven answered her prayer, Vinyl grabbed one of her feet and began to dust it off. Now Pinkie got a clearer view of the sole, the main aspect of a foot she cared about. And though it wasn’t a wrinkly paradise like Rarity’s feet on a rough day, Vinyl’s soles hovered on the opposite extreme. They were as smooth as dirtied feet could be.

         Pinkie had to test the waters. “You ever had your toes sucked?”



         Once again, Pinkie’s guard was broken. She was so used to having “foot virgins” who never even had their feet played with erotically. Even her least conservative friends, like Rainbow Dash, went most of their lives without someone worshipping their feet. But Vinyl Scratch was full of surprises, wasn’t she?

         The DJ continued. “I didn’t really like it, though. It tickled, but that was about it.”

         “When was this?”

         “A year ago. Had too many drinks at a friend’s party, we played Truth or Dare, and a guy got dared to suck my big toe. Wasn’t that special.”

         Pinkie’s face switched from sheer curiosity to determination. “Well, I’m gonna show you how special it can be, Miss DJ Vinyl Scratch.”


         “All those books you have, and not one of them taught you how to give a massage?”

         Rarity snapped several selfies while poor Twilight pushed her thumbs into her feet. As if handling picky Rarity wasn’t bad enough, Applejack’s tanned feet also demanded attention. It was like a before-and-after picture; whereas Applejack’s were brownish from dirt, Rarity’s were free of any grime.

         My mind’s gonna explode if I have to rub one more foot, Twilight thought.

         “It ain’t so hard to give a foot rub,” Applejack said. “Push your thumb into the foot, and boom, you done gave a massage.”

         “I call those ‘pedicure massages’. When they put no effort into actually treating your feet.” The white woman kicked Twilight on her chest as if to give a hint.

         If Twilight could appreciate anything, it was that they were all outdoors. The smell of sweaty high schoolers, good food, and raw grass overpowered all potential foot odours. While Rarity’s feet likely smelt okay, there was no way that Applejack’s didn’t reek. She travelled here in those bulky boots and let her feet dive into the dirt.

         Better than having to rub Rainbow’s feet.

         Just as the unlucky girl thought that, Rainbow returned to the tent. The only difference now was that she came with a friend. A flip-flop-wearing, sleeveless shirt-wearing, and messy-haired friend.

         “You wanna tell them about how you walked to a completely different school?” Rainbow elbowed the yellow-skinned girl.

         “Five. Hours. Sleep,” Fluttershy yawned, slumping into a plastic chair. Another chair conspicuously facing Twilight.

         “Catch!” Rainbow threw everyone a small box each.

         As Twilight opened the cardboard, her eyes came to life. A cold ice cream sandwich was what she deserved after putting up with this nonsense. However, once she was a few bites in, she noticed that the weight on her lap had doubled again.

         “I see we got a little spa going on here, huh?” Rainbow asked.

         Rarity posed for another photo. “Something like that.”

         Fluttershy and Rainbow sat on the ends of Applejack and Rarity respectively, and their feet fought for space on Twilight’s limited lap. As if she wasn’t ready to gag already, these two newcomers violated two of her senses. Fluttershy’s feet had more dirt than Applejack’s, with even bits of mud caked underneath her wrinkles. Rainbow Dash? Her feet were on par with Applejack’s, but with the addition of a terrible odour. Whatever barrier Twilight had from the smell of feet disappeared when this girl inched her baby blue feet closer.

         It took every fibre of Twilight’s being not to lash out at her friends. From every angle, she had the right to screech at them for using her as a prop.

         Careless Rainbow rubbed her soles against each other. “Heh. They’re sticking to each other, they’re so sweaty.”

         “You don’t say,” Twilight mumbled with the ice cream sandwich in her mouth.

         Groaning, she grabbed Rainbow’s feet and prepared for the worst. Her fingers gently rolled in a circular motion around the balls of the feet, then the thumbs applied pressure under the toes.

         Of course, Fluttershy still existed. Twilight whimpered and poked her fingers between the nature-lover’s toes. Their heat and sliminess made Twilight’s skin crawl. How could someone’s feet get so filthy when they wore flip-flops? Even if they were flimsy flip-flops, they were shoes nonetheless. And as Twilight descended the feet, the texture changed from soft to rough. Fluttershy’s heels especially felt dusty. But the girl had a smile as Twilight cared for her slender soles.

         “I appreciate this, Twilight,” she said softly. “I haven’t had a foot rub in forever.”

         Yeah, I don’t envy the last person who gave you that massage. At least Fluttershy showed some genuine appreciation for Twilight. The other three didn’t even give a thanks and instead clamoured for her to focus on them again.

         Suddenly, a heat hit Twilight’s stomach. As she gasped, the rest of her sandwich fell right onto one of Rainbow’s feet. First, the top cookie came off, leading the cream to slide down Rainbow’s arch like a slug. Finally, it landed on Twilight’s leg. This fed-up girl pouted when she saw Applejack’s dry foot slide from under her shirt.

         Rainbow just laughed. “Hey, get it while it’s still good.” She then lifted her foot to Twilight’s face. Now Twilight was in flight-or-fight mode. As Rainbow flexed her filthy toes, bits of cookie dust and cream poured out. And every second, the foot got closer and closer to Twilight’s trembling lips.

         “I’m gonna check out the bounce house,” she said, trying to get out of her chair. The seven remaining feet kept her down, however.

         “Well, don’t leave my feet all sticky.” Rainbow pushed her big toe flat on Twilight’s lips. It wanted to explore her mouth badly. And while Twilight had some magic capabilities, Rainbow had strength. Besides, the scientist wasn’t in the best state of mind to utilise some freezing spell. She only groaned and whimpered as the cream-coated big toe tapped her lips, opening them bit by bit.


         “If you think you’re licking my feet out here, guess again.” Vinyl Scratch had rejected Pinkie’s advances for minutes, trying to stress how they were at a high school. Even the tamest of kinky activities had no business there. That’s not mentioning how Vinyl didn’t even enjoy getting her toes sucked the first time.

         Yet Pinkie Pie’s stubbornness knew no limits. “We’ll see.”

         Like a snake, she slithered underneath the table. With her top half obscured from the rest of the world, uncovering Pinkie’s location would take a disaster. And if someone questioned the thick legs underneath Vinyl’s chair, Pinkie could claim she was simply fixing something. After all, nobody else appeared to be an expert on musical hardware at this event.

         Her hands gripped Vinyl’s left foot and guided it above her nose.

         “Yo!” Vinyl’s head almost swivelled off her head. While nobody was on top of these two, plenty of people stood nearby. And with all the little kids, it only took one brat crawling under the table to embarrass Vinyl for life.

         “Mmm… Smells funky,” Pinkie chuckled, poking her nose in the DJ’s toes.

         To her left, she spotted the sneakers Vinyl had worn. Without socks, from the looks of it. It’d explain the hypnotisingly cheesy odour that breached Pinkie’s nostrils. Though, given her position, she had to carefully manoeuvre around Vinyl’s toenails. She wasn’t exaggerating when she said they could poke someone’s eyes out.

         Vinyl deepened her voice. “I’m not afraid to use magic on you.”

         “Oh really?” Pinkie rubbed her feet. “Seems a lot of magic people can’t work their spells right when they’re under pressure. And you got a sea of folks to please, don’t you?”

         Automatically, the DJ kicked Pinkie in her nose. The truth hurt. If Vinyl were to focus on making sure all this sound went well, she couldn’t waste time trying to telekinetically toss Pinkie from under the table. Why did I invite her back here!?

         After getting high on the DJ’s scent, Pinkie planted a kiss on the sole. I’m about to brighten up this girl’s whole day.

         She got underway by slurping the side of Vinyl’s foot. Then she sucked her way down the sole before fitting the skinny heel in her mouth. While the suction on Vinyl’s foot was moderate, it shot a tickling sensation up her spine. And as such, her toes scrunched out of control.

         The moving digits called out to Pinkie, so she greeted them with more warm licks. They applied the sweetest pressure to Pinkie’s tongue every time they scrunched.

         “You are crazy,” Vinyl whispered. Her hands clung to her equipment in preparation for remixing this next music track live.

         As far as Pinkie was concerned, it was unimportant to keep the music going. The kids could keep bouncing, the adults could chat endlessly, and she could worship Vinyl’s smelly feet in peace.

         While rubbing Vinyl’s right foot, Pinkie’s head bobbed back and forth on the lefty. More than the scent, it was the DJ’s flavour that stole Pinkie’s heart. Cupcakes and tarts were full of sweetness, but even sugar-lovers required some saltiness. Vinyl’s dusty feet delivered that in spades. If her music wasn’t blasting, the fidgeting DJ would’ve heard Pinkie’s sounds of pleasure. A moan here, a “wow” there. Vinyl’s feet were the gift that kept on giving.

         “I love you, toes,” Pinkie giggled, smooching top tops of Vinyl’s toes.

         Craving more, Pinkie grabbed both feet and crammed a bunch of toes in her mouth at once. The toes stuck together like noodles, yet six successfully penetrated her.

         Back in the realm of normalcy, Vinyl only managed to do her job by luck. Unknowingly to Pinkie, the girl was dying of laughter. And each laugh risked her getting off beat or playing some unwanted sound effect.

         As soon as she felt a tongue on her soles, she let out a shaky moan. Her smile then quickly switched to a frown.

         Wow, I’m slipping. Instead of using magic, she could attack Pinkie to the point that she disappeared. Stop licking my feet!

         If this doesn’t stop her, nothing will. The DJ took her right foot and slid it underneath Pinkie’s shirt. So while Pinkie played with the other foot, this one was free to do what it wanted. Step one: pinching. Vinyl’s dirty toes tugged on Pinkie’s skin like a baby stealing a cookie. But neither the toes nor the heel that pushed into the skin, slowed Pinkie’s actions.

         “Whoa!” Vinyl realised that the music was now fading out. Her little strategy still meant losing focus on everything else. “Let’s not let that happen again.”

         And yet her toes didn’t stop pulling on Pinkie. Was she truly made of bubblegum? Her skin could stretch far without the woman shedding so much as a tear. In fact, Pinkie’s only response was to giggle while she kissed the other foot.

         She really thinks I’m enjoying getting my feet kissed? Vinyl rolled her eyes. Yeah, in her dreams. Little did she realise that she’d been trying to rub her thigh as Pinkie worshipped her soft feet. In fact, one of her hands sat dangerously close to her groin.

         Step two approached: friction. Perhaps a nice skin burn would drive Pinkie away from Vinyl’s disgusting feet. As the bright foot planted its heel into Pinkie’s stomach, the crazed worshipper let out a deep moan.

         Left, right. Left, right. Vinyl’s foot fought to make a mark on Pinkie’s body. Although the job was exhausting, the end result would be worth it. This set a heavy load on Vinyl, who now had to contend with managing music, the girl sucking on her foot and using her foot to get rid of this girl. If she removed her glasses, one would be met with the most dilated pupils imaginable. Eventually, she switched to a vertical movement. Up, down. Up, down.

         “Ooh, that’s good,” Pinkie said. She continued to suck the toes like little pacifiers.

         While Pinkie was unharmed, Vinyl’s sides stung like hell. The pink girl could laugh for hours uninterrupted, but the DJ’s body was unequipped for such a task. The time had come to shift gears into step three.

         Please just choke on them. In an instant, Vinyl yanked both her feet back. Then she felt for Pinkie’s lips, finally sliding one foot into the warm mouth. As Pinkie expanded, Vinyl leaned forward and stuffed her second foot into the girl. Two feet, meaning ten toes, broke through Pinkie like a violent train. In return for this action, Vinyl would be a victim to the worst tickling sensation of her life.


         All control had been wiped from her body. The laughter intensified just as the music’s tempo increased. And the various attendees of this event warped into blurry cardboard cut-outs, no longer recognisable to the snickering adult.

         On Pinkie’s end, an avalanche of dirt crumbs and sweat tumbled into her mouth. Like a dedicated woman, she didn’t let one bit go to waste. But because she was locked into this position, Vinyl’s long toenails couldn’t be moved. They curved into her mouth like fishhooks. On the plus side, though she couldn’t lick between them, Pinkie could suck on them to her heart’s content. And nothing would stop her from doing so.

         With her hands free, she fondled her breasts as Vinyl’s feet dug deeper in her mouth. Talk about getting high from the noxious smell, but Pinkie started to get drunk off the girl’s greasy foot sweat. Her entire world shook and distorted until Vinyl’s sharp toes reached the back of her throat.

         Just give up already! Air failed to fill Vinyl’s lungs on several occasions, thanks to Pinkie. How long could this blue-haired beauty hold out for?


         In that instant, she gave herself a mental slap. Stop moaning! But as her feet slowly slid in Pinkie’s mouth, another soft moan escaped her lips.


         Nothing could prevent the talented DJ from falling out her seat, sending her feet out of Pinkie’s mouth. After the fall, a heavy gust of wind scorched her face. Even Pinkie felt this mysterious force, pulling herself from under the table.

         “Holy shit, it fell!” a man cried, pointing to the bounce house. The structure still deflated as everyone rushed to see what was going on.

         Before running off, Pinkie gave Vinyl a smooch on the cheek. “Sexy feet.”

         She left the girl speechless and staring at her slobbery toes. The blush on Vinyl’s face made her look like a peach. Sexy mouth, I guess…

         At the scene of the incident, many struggled under the massive weight of the vinyl. The material, of course. Among the group was the irritated Sweetie Belle, her own friends, and a certain purple-skinned somebody.

         “Twilight?” Pinkie stood in confusion. Then her eyes glazed upon Twilight’s patchy, black socks. They appeared almost burnt off her feet. But I made that up.

         “Long story,” Twilight groaned.

         “Why’d you go in there with socks!? No one else did!” Pinkie screeched, pretending that this was common knowledge.

         Twilight wasn’t alone in having pieces of her clothes blown off. Everyone who emerged from the bounce house did so with damaged clothing. The wind carried chunks of cloth through the air, and everyone’s bare feet were dirtied from the grass. As frustrated as Pinkie was, nothing could compare to the bubbling rage of the pale tenth grader.

         Sweetie stepped to Pinkie and pointed at the giant hole in her shirt. A hole so large that she could fit a fist through it. And on her skin, a large hot spot lingered. “What if they start asking for refunds now?”

         Pinkie shushed her. “I told you how much we made. If they get refunds, we’re still in the clear.”

         “With a hundred people in there? Do the math.”

         Reality hit Pinkie like a hammer. With that large number of people, the refunds wouldn’t stop at just 100 people. Whole families would demand their money back, meaning the gross would plummet below the budget. Once that happened, Sweetie and her friends would be in even more trouble for wasting the school’s money.

         An angry mob began to circle Twilight, who tried in vain to defend herself. “What kind of shoddy bounce house explodes because of socks!?”

         “Fuck you!” a man bellowed, hurling a chair at the girl.

         Taking a deep breath, Pinkie concluded she only had one option. If these refunds had to come out of her money, so be it. She promised she wouldn’t let Sweetie down, which wouldn’t change. But the workload lying in Pinkie’s immediate future was daunting.

         “Not to be nosey or anything, but I think I got a solution.”

         Pinkie’s ears perked up when she recognised that voice.


         Although the bounce house had expansive tape on its bottom, they managed to fill it back up and let the people have fun. Every level of this massive castle came to life. But there was one teensy change at the opening of the attraction. A new system would forcefully remove people’s socks or give barefoot people a brief cleansing if desired.

         This is so stupid. Thick ropes prevented Twilight from leaving the ground. Even her magic was no match for Applejack’s masterful knotting skills. Speaking of Applejack, Pinkie’s four other friends sat by as monitors, making sure Twilight did her duty.

         “And you thought licking ice cream off my feet was gonna be the worst thing ever,” Rainbow said.

         “I’m certain this counts as torture somewhere.”

         Fluttershy tapped her foot on Twilight’s forehead. “Think positive. Know that you’re doing everybody a favour.”

         “That’s right,” Applejack said. “Like right about now.”

         A boy and girl dashed to the bounce house, with the girl gaining the lead in the end. Her light green body was covered in sweat, but most alarmingly, she had on white socks.

         Twilight knew what time it was. The defeated scientist opened her mouth and let the girl set her foot in there. Then she bit down until the sock peeled off, revealing a small foot. After this gesture, the girl trampled her to crawl inside.

         “It could always be worse,” Rarity remarked, sipping a cup of lemonade.

         Now the boy lifted his already-bare foot above Twilight’s face. Her scream pierced everyone’s eardrums. Not only was the boy’s foot so dirty and sweaty, but an ungodly amount of grime clogged between his toes. Toe cheese, toe jam, whatever one wished to call it. The filthy mixture sat so thick that Twilight could hear it squish and crunch when he wiggled his toes. Though the boy had a cute smile and eager face, the woman’s lips quivered in terror.

         “Open wide.” Rainbow dropped down and spread Twilight’s mouth open.

         “It’s like a shot. Only a few seconds,” Applejack added.

         The boy giggled as he turned around, reverse-dipping his sweaty foot into Twilight’s mouth. She squirmed and squirmed, to no avail. In a few seconds, she was tasting the worst thing in the world.

         Back at the music area of the field, there’d been a temporary break in the songs. Though, this didn’t mean that the fun died down. Sitting in her plastic chair, Vinyl Scratch pounded the table as she cackled. Underneath the table, Pinkie licked up and down the DJ’s even dirtier soles. Moaning and groaning, she had no plans of stopping this until the day was over.

         “Told ya,” she said. “Once I got to your feet, that changed your whole world.”

         “Nah, it’s still just ticklish.” Vinyl paused, sighing before leaning back in her chair. “Just a better type of ticklish.”

         Pinkie violently sniffed the DJ’s feet before dousing them in wet kisses. At last, she smothered her whole face in these filthy soles. “I’ll get you to cum by the end of the day. Pinkie promise.”

         “Oh really?” Vinyl panted with a smile, numb to the people still around them. “I’d like to see you try.”

         “Challenge accepted.”
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