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They say be careful what you wish for...
NOTE: This story originally appeared on my blog, Miss Jenn Webster(www.msjennwebster.blogspot.com)
Adam and his sister Janet just weren't ready for this; after almost 15 years of marriage, their parents just did not love each other anymore, and they made the ultimate decision to get a divorce.
This was indeed certainly not the news that they wanted. Adam and Janet are brother and sister who live with their parents, and the siblings love their parents very much because they have provided so much for them. From cooking their breakfast, making their lunches for school to cooking dinner in the evening, they had even provided them with a roof over their heads and ensured they were safe from harm.
So when Adam and Janet heard that their parents were divorcing after all of those years, they began to think: Who are they going to cook us the food that we eat now and have a roof over our heads? What's more, once mommy and daddy don't love each other anymore and they are breaking up, who will protect us now?

One night before they went to bed, Janet & Adam said their prayers, and then after their parents were asleep, the siblings went to the window and looked at the wishing star; And then, they made this wish together: "We wish that our mommy & daddy do not have to split up anymore!"
Just then, a beautiful white fairy appears; she tells the siblings that they have been chosen to have five wishes granted. However, she also said that since they have wished on a star for their parents not to split up, that counts as the first wish being granted. And then, the fairy gave Adam & Janet this warning: "You must use your wishes wisely...do not wish on any of the remaining four wishes unless you really need to!" And then, the fairy disappeared.
Meanwhile, Janet and Adam's parents suddenly felt a strange feeling inside; then, maybe they began to think that they should perhaps not split up just yet, and just concentrate on taking care of the children. So with that, they both agreed.

The following day was breakfast; the siblings' parents began kissing their children on the cheek, and then they started serving breakfast to them. Adam & Janet then began to feel that their parents still loved each other after all, and it was the first of the five wishes that helped. But will it last?
Saturday morning, however, Adam & Janet's parents, having just woken up, have become even more grumpy than ever before; the siblings decided that they must do something, or things could get a whole lot worse! So, they wished again: "We wish for mommy & daddy to take us to the beach!"
So with that, the second of the five wishes were granted, and Janet, Adam, and their parents were transported to the beach, complete with bathing suits they were wearing! The siblings had such a wonderful time together with their parents, and when that day was over, the family all hopped into their car and drove home.

When the weekend was over, Adam & Janet began thinking that maybe their parents' start to the week would be a whole lot sweeter if they had been served breakfast in bed! So with that, they made the third of the five wishes: "We wish for mommy & daddy to have breakfast in bed!" Meanwhile, a tray filled with breakfast food was served on their bed!
But after making their third wish, the siblings were again visited by the white fairy; she warned them that they had now used up the first two wishes and had already wasted a third serving their parents breakfast in bed. The fairy then warned Adam and Janet that they now have only two wishes left and that they should not waste them unless they really need to in an emergency. After telling the siblings this, the fairy disappeared.
The following morning, Janet & Adam walked to school; at first, they were happy that they had gotten those wishes to be granted in order for their parents to stay together. But now, the siblings just cannot use the last two wishes for fear that they would be wasted on something stupid, like giving their parents breakfast in bed. So the siblings began to think of other creative ways to try and help their parents stay together.

First, they scooped up all of the money they had saved from their allowances to buy their parents a bouquet of roses from the dollar store; then, the siblings used their artistic creativeness to make pictures to show their parents how very much they loved them. Neither of them worked. And then, something happened...The magic spell from those wishes that the siblings have made before has started to wear off, and now it appears that their parents are beginning to become more grouchy with each other than ever before!
The siblings then learn that the fairy forgot to give them another warning: When the siblings have made a wish, it creates a magic spell once the wish is granted; however, a wish spell does not last long, and once the wishing magic has worn off, then the spell is also broken. Adam & Janet wished that they had known about this earlier! What are they to do?!
Janet & Adam then began to think long and hard about what the next-to-last wish would be; but they started to have their own argument over that wish, and then it was Janet herself who wasted the next-to-last wish: "I just wish that we could just run away to the highest building possible!"

Janet just could not believe what she had just blurted out! Then, Janet and Adam were transported to the city's highest building in a flash of light! The siblings then became terrified and began screaming for help!
Meanwhile, Adam & Janet's parents were just about to go back and finish what they started with their divorce when they learned that their children were now missing! They just could not believe it! So they hopped in their car and drove off to the city; As they drove, they started thinking about how selfish they are in themselves, which caused a dent in their marriage. And then they began to feel as they went that they were all wrong in their selfishness and that maybe they better start focusing on each other and their children.
At the top of the building, Adam & Janet were still frightened; then, Janet spoke up and told Adam that maybe it was foolish for her to waste that fourth wish on something so stupid as this. And then Adam spoke up, too, stating that he and Janet were wrong in wishing for foolish things. Then, the white-dressed fairy appeared to them once more, saying, "Well, I see that you have done a lot of thinking among each other. I can also see that wishing for foolish things was a bad idea and that all that both of you want now is to have your parents love you and each other."

Both Janet and Adam nodded. The fairy continued, "Then so with that, I shall have you wish one final wish and this time that final wish shall be permanent." So the siblings wished one final wish: "We wish not to have any more foolish wishes, but instead have our parents love and respect us and each other, and only to concentrate on the love that we have for one another!"
The fairy finally granted the siblings' fifth and final wish.
The next day, the siblings and their parents were enjoying an excellent breakfast together, in the company of each other and of love towards one another. You know, we could all wish for something very extraordinary, right? But, in the case of the siblings named Adam & Janet, while hoping for foolish things may be cool, in the end, the best magic of all time is love between family.
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