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Part 4 of the story.
*In the shower*

Shikamaru: So Shikadai’s on another mission?

Temari: Yeah. He’ll be gone for a few days.

Shikamaru: Is that so… Naruto actually gave me a break for a few days. He said I did most of the work so…

Temari: *Really happy* Really?!

Shikamaru: Yeah.

Temari: Yay!!! *Hugs Shikamaru*

Shikamaru: Hey hey, woah there.

Temari: *Goes back* So ummm….

Shikamaru: ?

Temari: *Starts to fidget with her arms*

Temari: Shikadai isn’t home….

Shikamaru: Yeah he’s not?….

Temari: And it’s just the two of us….

Shikamaru: (Oh no)

Temari: I think you know where its going.

Shikamaru: *Sighs* What a drag…

Temari: O-oh so you don’t want to.

Temari: (I really need it now…)

Shikamaru: Troublesome woman *Kisses her forehead*

Temari: *Blushes* Huh?….

Shikamaru: You’ve changed a lot haven’t you. Who knew that you would become so lovey dovey?

Temari: *Angry* H-hey!

Shikamaru: *Laughs a bit*

Temari: (I rarely see him laugh!)

Shikamaru: It is a drag but… I’ll do it. I mean… we’re husband and wife now right?

Temari: Oh Shikamaru! *Hugs and kisses him*

Shikamaru: *Grabs her waists*

Temari: *Blushes and looks at Shikamaru*

Temari: *Wraps arms around Shikamaru and kisses*

Temari: *Boobs pressing on his chest*

Temari: *Uses tongue*
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