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It is just a game or is it? for writer's cramp

It is just a game or was it?

Sam Adams woke up
and found himself
in a large tent
in a strange camping ground
in a strange land.

At attendant in a black suit
handed out his number
They introduced him to his "teammates"
There were three other teams.

a voice over the loudspeaker
explained the rules.

The rules were simple
Listen to the song,

The four person teams
Had to Identify
the singer and band,

Before anyone else did
Pressing a red button.

If you won that round
You survived the game.

If not,
Your group
would be eliminated.

Bad Moon Rising
was the first song,

Sam and his group hit the button
And survived the round,
As the song played on.

And the full moon
Casts an evil red glow
as they looked out
at the strange campground.

As the second song
One way wind
Came on
A blast of foul smelling
heated air filled the campground.

They won that round as well
The others were not as fortunate
They just disappeared from the tent.

The last song was a Dutch song
Mjin Gebed My prayer

And Sam and his group
Prayed they got it right
And they did.

They “won” the contest
And went back out
of the contest tent.
No one else was there

In the end, it might have been
an alternative reality event,
Might have been a nightmare
Or perhaps it was after all,
It is just a game.

New Prompt:

At the Dutch NPO Radio 5, the DJ's are playing a game called: The Holiday Tape. (You know, the things that you have to put in a cassette recorder in order to listen to the music, while you are on your way.) Participants in the game had to listen to 3 fragments of music, and within 10 seconds of time they had to name the titles of the songs, from which they just heard the fragments.

You have to bold in your story or poem:

Bad Moon Rising

One Way Wind

Mijn Gebed (translated My Prayer - sung by CS Lewis, and playing the Church Organ is Feike Asma) You should listen to the song when you have the chance, it is worth it.

Your genre is: Music

End your story or poem with the following: It is just a game. Bold that as well.

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